Vintage Inspiration – Bags, bags, bags!

I have a secret love for purses and bags. The only reason why I do not have a closet full is that my logical side cannot justify their existence:

Where are we going to put them all?
Did I leave my keys in the pink vegan leather clutch? Or in the blue velvet tote?
How can I justify purchasing this lovely cream-coloured purse shaped like a dinner plate?

My sister has no problem buying bags, so I secretly covet hers. And buy bags for her. If I cannot have them, someone I love might as well.

I made a purse for the first time last month, as a present for my future sister-in-law. Sadly, I forgot to take a photo of it – but here’s the pattern . I’m hooked. I had to go through the Stash to see if I could find any more patterns. The Stash did not disappoint.

I’m a sucker for anything embroidered.

A nifty bag (and apron!) for the SAHD in my life? Here’s the pattern .

I’m flippin’ out!! Pattern here .


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