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Wednesday = Vintage Inspiration

Today’s post goes forward and backwards through TIME! (time…time… time). Also, it will inspire some future craftyness for myself and others as well. November 2008 I read an article on Cool Hunting by Ezra Natalia, discussing the gorgeous art and … Continue reading

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Tuesday = The NiLu Report

I did not take any pictures over the past week, so here are some images from Ni’s Crafternoon back in February. One day, they wlll make up a part of a music video featuring Lu’s song, “Ten!”:

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Vinspiration – Make a new pincushion out of an old analog alarm clock

Amusing pincushion from alarm clock! “Remove works, face and glass of old clock. Staple cardboard backing (slightly larger than face) to felt 1″ larger than backing, with plump stuff between; glue inside clock front, Glue on felt hands and large … Continue reading

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Tuesday = The NiLu Report

I cannot believe in less than one month I will be back at work. That Ni will be three months old at that point. Lu was 11 months when I returned to work last time. I’ll miss spending the summer … Continue reading

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Vinspiration – Make slipcovers for your potholders.

This is one of those “keep yourself busy or else you’ll lose your mind from the emptiness of your life” projects. Slipcover your potholders by Doris: “Cut fabric twice as long as potholder, plus 3″ for tuck-in flap and 1.2″ … Continue reading

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Vinspiration – Reuse chicken bones for arts & crafts?

Imaginative chicken bone grasshopper “With cutting pliers, cut off 3″ end of chicken breastbone for body; cut two V-shaped pieces from breastbone for legs. Scrub clean; boil in bleach water. Fill head and tail with air-drying clay. Glue on bone … Continue reading

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Friday = AnatomyArt

Via the Skull-a-Day 2.0 project

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