I’ll give you a hint.

I have always had a geeky love for those “tips/hints/idea exchanges published in women’s vintage craft and “lifestyle” magazines. Pre-Cosmopolitan magazine – that’s a different kind of tip entirely.

I will be posting one every day, some of them will be useful. Some just make me laugh. Some are deliciously outdated.

“Use a clean roll-on deodorant bottle filled with water to moisten seams for pressing as you sew.” – Myrtle, 1965

Can you even purchase roll-on deodorant anymore? I actually like this idea, because I do not press my seams well… or at all, really. And my Mom takes her pieces to the cleaners to get them “pressed professionally.” But I’d hate for my clothes to smell like Ban.

*UPDATED* Neoma trumps Myrtle four years later by suggesting the use of an envelope sealer to dampen seams for pressing. Now my garments won’t smell like summer rain.

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