Tuesday = The NiLu Report

It was a quiet week of sorts – both kidlets have colds so we haven’t done much. We planted some seeds for the balcony garden, did some sewing for Mother’s Day and visited family.

Lu and the Bean do not look anything alike anymore (and why should they?) but you can tell they are related by the way they scheme play together.

Could I love this boy anymore than I do? Oh yes.

it’s official. Lu is smart. At the pediatrician, Lu was chatting as per usual and the MD said,

“A four word sentence? That’s very impressive. Advanced language skills. You can brag about that.”

Done and done.

And this little one! Already so responsive – loves to laugh and chit-chat with us. If her stories are like this at two months of age… she will be reciting self-penned soliloquies for her first birthday.

Fun NiLu Facts!

On Mother’s Day, Lu turned 21 months, Ni turned two months.

At her last weigh-in, Ni was 8lbs, 11oz.

Lu’s current favorite food – Cherry Bomb muffins.

Ni is loving her play mat and the mirror in Poppa’s van.


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