Thursday = She’s Crafty

I picked up some cute cross-stitch brooches from The Workroom that Karyn made on the crazy machine in the back.

They were super quick to work up – much faster than my current cross-stitch WIP – and the results are super cute:

For me:

For L-Boogie:

All superheros should have a pink sippy thermos.

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3 Responses to Thursday = She’s Crafty

  1. karyn says:

    !!! oh, these are lovely and your little super hero is so adorable.

  2. Esssjay says:

    What’s the zoological oddity? Was this framed like that on purpose? :)

    • shanghaicowgirl says:

      @ Karyn – Thanks! She really loves her necklace.

      @SJ – It’s a platypus! The photo wasn’t intentionally framed like that, it just so happens that our bathroom has lots of natural light plus it’s where Lu’s ABC flash cards are displayed.

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