Wednesday = Vintage Inspiration

Today’s post goes forward and backwards through TIME! (time…time… time). Also, it will inspire some future craftyness for myself and others as well.

November 2008 I read an article on Cool Hunting by Ezra Natalia, discussing the gorgeous art and jewelry of Kate Cusack.

Gorgeous stuff, to be sure. But sadly out of my price range. I bookmarked her blog anyways, for future inspiration. Perhaps one day I could try fooling around with some zippers.

January 2009 I am flipping through a 1963 McCalls Needlework and Crafts and find this:

No way! Jewelry made from measuring tapes, bits of aluminum, canned pop tabs and zippers!

Not as visually stunning as Cusack’s work, but probably easier to attempt (pattern here
) I still did not get around to trying my hand at making zipper jewelery.

May 2009. In the Phat Quarter Flickr group I recently joined, I stumbled upon the awesome work of Odile Gova, an artist in the Tdot who combines brightly coloured felt and stitchery with zippers! Check out her work here on Flickr and here on Etsy. There is also an interesting article about her on the Donkeywolf website.

Have I made my own zipper cuff yet? Nope.
Have I purchased one from Kate or Odile yet? Nope.
Inspiring though. Add to the to-do list.

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One Response to Wednesday = Vintage Inspiration

  1. That second piece is to DIE for. Drool!
    Great blog! I love the mod knitty girls ad in the earlier post, too!

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