Thursday = She’s Crafty

So, today is a hodge-podge of pictures and links!

First off, Beefrank, whose cross-stitchery stylings I adore (Flickr photostream is NSFW) apparently likes me too! Right on! I’ma Stitchgasm on Mr X Stitch’s needlework blog.

Next up: Mom has been crafting up a storm for the kids. She made a bunch of layette items for Ni’s arrival, and I was supposed to post them up for my Auntys overseas to see:

Ni's crib

Ni's crib 2

Next,  one of my many, many WIP. One of the reasons why I am happy to be going back to work is the 80 minutes of crafty time I will get on the streetcar during my commute!

And finally. since the blogosphere has given me so much in the way of embroidery tips, techniques, inspiration and patterns, I need to give something back.  I have started scanning a big pile of vintage no-name transfer patterns that I will post every Thursday. Here’s the first one:

Cookin bees, unknown manufacturer, unknown date

Cookin' bees, unknown manufacturer, unknown date

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One Response to Thursday = She’s Crafty

  1. Patty says:

    That’s such a cute pattern! Thanks for sharing it and the kitty dishes set too.

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