Tuesday = The NiLu Report

Father’s Day weekend was lovely.



Lu ran around saying “Happy Father Day!” for most of the day, Ni giggled and drooled.

Their thinking faces.

Their thinking faces.

Ni got Adam a creepy cool drink dispenser/music box, Lu got him a boygirparty print of a cat playing a melodica, and I got him a fake moustache and made him a little gadget bag for his Flip.

Skating on skateboard, Mama!

"Skating on skateboard, Mama!"

Then we slung the kids over to Nana and Poppa’s, blew bubbles, and ate some scrumptious strawberry-rhubarb pie.

Dada: Shakin the babies since 2007.

Dada: Shakin' the babies since 2007.

A quiet and simple family hang-out. Then, back to Days Six-through-Eleven of Mama Going to Work.
But look what I get to come home to everyday:

So worth it.

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