Thursday = She’s Crafty

2009 being the International Year of the Destash, I have been trying to use my surplus crafty supplies instead of purchasing new stuff. This is harder than it sounds.

I’m trying to use up my loose thrifted embroidery threads:

by stitching up this gigantic Charley Harper piece, definitely the biggest thing I’ve ever embroidered:

This piece is also supposed to be a meditation/practice piece to improve my backstitch. I do not know how people get such perfectly even stitches. The piece is about 75% complete, but I must admit I was disappointed with the results.

Backstitch looks… homey. Cute. Rustic. Which isn’t really the feel that I was going for. Mary Corbet to save the day!
She runs the brilliant website Needle n’ Thread and recently had a post on whipped back stitch, which just looks so crisp and modern. Take a look.

So I gave it a try…


All hail Mary! She also introduced me to the wonders of padded satin stitch that I’ve been using to great effect on this piece, another WIP:

Enough about me, now here’s some kittehs!

More kitteh embroidery patterns here.


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