Thursday=She’s Crafty

Well, it’s official. Being at work sucks. And not just because I miss my bugaloos.

To save myself from going crazy until I get used to working for The Man again, I’ve brought the kids in. I’ve also started crafting for – and sometimes even in – the cubicle. My co-worker thinks I’m a little off.

I did a serious clean of my cubby – mmm… surfaces… – and I’ve started slowly adding little bits and pieces here and there.
Pen and pencil holder scavenges from the office supplies room and hold photos – how to here.
Super simple fabric coaster to encourage me to drink more water (water + Ribena counts) – pattern here.

A nice distracting corner with lots to look at when I’m on hold.
VHS tape flower bouquet! I think I’m going to make a different bouquet of flowers every month. How to for flowers here.
Obama paper doll. Oh yeah, he’s a cutie. Freebie download from the Dover Publications. Join up here.
Under the blue common cold viruses, a stack of unneeded CDs. Still trying to figure out what to make with them. Perhaps a iphone dock?

I’m so happy with this back wall. I love seeing this wallpaper which used to hang in panels in my old apartment many moons ago. I would like to wallpaper my entire cubicle a la Lady Miss Kuh, but it needs to be done slowly, to avoid detection. Happily, The Man and The WoMan stopped right in front of my desk this morning – having just realized that I’m back at work (“You’re back full-time? Really?”) and neither of them noticed. Nice.

WIPs include fabric magnets for my cupboards and a place setting with napkins for my lunch, which I usually eat at my desk.


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2 Responses to Thursday=She’s Crafty

  1. 'col says:

    Return of the wallpaper! Yay!

    Good for you–a custom work area is much nicer. (And I love that you have a collection of the common cold. Geek.)

    • shanghaicowgirl says:

      About 20 minutes ago a lawyer and her assistant walked by my cubby:
      The Assistant: “Hey! You got wallpaper!”
      Me: “Ssshhh!”
      The Lawyer: “Don’t worry. We won’t rat you out. We like it.”

      Awesome, but not surprising since they are the librarian lawyers… they’re so geeky they don’t know they’re cool.

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