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Wednesdays=Vintage Inspiration

What not to wear Originally uploaded by Shanghai Cowgirl Tomorrow is the beginning of my favorite month. It’s also Ad’s favorite month too, but for very different reasons. Ask him about it sometime. I thought I’d kick off Halloween month … Continue reading

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Something I dislike about work, and how I fixed it.

Working for The Man is a lot different than working for that man over there. While I do enjoying working for that man, there is much to dislike about Going Corporate. Number 2* on my list are RFID cards. Not … Continue reading

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Tuesdays=The NiLu Report

Today will probably be an odd day. My world has been turned upside down. Walking Backwards Man was not walking backwards this morning. He was walking forwards, just like the rest of us chumps. Googling “walking backwards” and exercise tells … Continue reading

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Day 10? 11? sans work compatriot. Boo-urns The only thing worse than any old regular Monday is the first Monday back from vacation. I could be at home, splashing in mud puddles with the Lucinator or singing All the Single … Continue reading

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High Park Adventure Playground

Last Thursday with the girls at the park. Ni had her first swing on the park swings and Lu achieved a new awesome level of muddiness.

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Tomatoes from our balcony

Unbelievable tasty.

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This is Officially my Last Purchase for Myself – 2009 edition

And I could not be more excited! I’ve searched high and low for a Joan Holloway-type necklace ever since season one. A few weeks ago, totally by accident I found the Owliday Inn I instantly fell in love with this … Continue reading

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