Thursdays=She’s Crafty

As Lu would say, “Holy Smokes!” I’ve been doing a lot of crafting. This summer I had the realization that crafting is so important to my mental well-being. These days it’s my meditation, therapy, quiet time, social life and creative outlet all in one. So my time on the streetcar, a few minutes at lunch, and a few more before bed is my time.

The girls are the main recipients of most of my current projects. Lu’s baby, aptly named ‘Heavy’, was the recipient of a hand-me-down bunting bag that Ni never wore:



This was inspired by a “why-didn’t-I-think-of-that?” post by Care at Dollar Store Crafts. I love that site, I must bookmark a ‘to-do’ from that site every day.

Ni has a new baby, as yet unnamed:

She’s actually a Kokeshi doll (similar to a tiny wooden one that Nora gave me when Ni was born) that Melly & Me designed. This isn’t so much of a “softie” as she is a “crunchie” – I put a baby wipes wrapper inside. That’s one of her favorite sounds.

I “worked from home” last Thursday (read: played with the kids all day and then worked in the evening until I passed out) and besides picnic-ing and playing at the wading pool we made “Dr. Seuss Flowers”, as Ad calls them:

Suessian flowers

Suessian flowers

Inspired by this tutorial here.

Lu making flowers really means just “fluffing them so they’re really fluffy and floppy!”, and I do everything else. I think I need to make more of the multicoloured ones. And I’m debating whether or not these should grace my desk at work.


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6 Responses to Thursdays=She’s Crafty

  1. kniterdone says:

    I love the whole 2D-as-3D concept. It’s fun. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I think you left a comment for me once on my kniterdone blog, but I didn’t have a way to contact you to say thanks. I hope you are doing well.

    • shanghaicowgirl says:

      Thanks! I love your stuff. I’ve seen your new blog and need to add it to my feeds. Hope you’re not sweltering in Oklahoma!

  2. Lizbeth says:

    I think you definitely need pom-pom flowers at work. White or pale green to match your wallpaper. Tres chic.

    • shanghaicowgirl says:

      Indeed, I could go match-matchy, but I’m trying to destash. I can’t buy MORE yarn.
      Unless, of course, I see the perfect colour at the 50% off sale at Value Village today…

  3. Your dolly is simply precious! How awesome! Thanks for linking! I like the Seussian flowers, too!

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