Mondays=It’s 8:13am and already I got problems.

Don’t you love coming to work on Mondays? My morning so far:

Duck by a man in khaki shorts, knee high dress socks and sneakers, listening to static through his headphones walking backwards on Galley Avenue. This wouldn’t be so strange for the neighbourhood except he has a tiny rear-view mirror attached to the frame of his glasses .

I haven’t had a coffee yet.

Go to Tweet said individual while waiting for said coffee, no iPhone. Spend the next 30 minutes thinking, “Oh, I need to do _______.” Oh right, I forgot my phone at home.” Repeat ad nauseum.

Get to work, no pass to get into work. Have to ask creepy mail dude to let me in. Will now have to ask him all day to let me in.

Need another coffee.

Coffee in the core sucks.

Listening to asinine conversations around the corner from my cubby. Damn, I should just put another $300 on my credit card and get the noise-canceling headphones.

Found more errors from Accounting that need to be corrected. *sigh* I hate double-checking other peoples’ work.


Three things that made me smile:

1) Video of my Bean dancing:

2) Awesome photo of my man:

3) Books my RSS feed seems to think I might enjoy:

‘Am I the only sane one working here? 101 Solutions for Surviving Office Insanity’
‘Pocket Guide to the Afterlife: Heaven, Hell and other Ultimate Destinations’
‘Manure Pathogens: Manure Management and Regulations’


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Woman. Wife and Mama. Crafty.
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