Wednesdays=Vintage Inspiration

Day 2 of no co-worker/partner-in-envirocrime:

Wow, it is embarrassing how much stuff is piled on my desk already. It’s actually nice in my cubby and I was very productive yesterday. No interruptions.
It’s amazing what you get done when you’re not comparing RSS feeds with your cubbymate.

The Walking Backwards Man walked backwards by me again today, listening to what sounded like David Bowie (The Thin White Duke years). He also had a little pouch clipped to the back of his shorts that looked like it held… something. Bonus – a four parked car collision at the end of our street, how does that even happen? Never a dull moment on Galley. Johnny at Cherry Bomb is baking the brioche earlier these days, so I treated myself as the Ni was up six times last night.

I got to watch exactly half an episode, out of sequence, of Mad Men last night. *sigh* Is Peggy really moving to Manhattan? Is poor Sal going to have to put out? I didn’t even get to finish my G&T.

Here’s some cool imagery from 1962 until I get caught up:

Doesn’t she look like Joan Collins? I know that Roger Moore got his start by modelling sweaters in knitting catalogs – by listening to his autobiography – perhaps she did the same?

It’s getting cooler in the mornings these days, which can mean only one thing – toasty hats! Crocheted hats always look so much more fun than the knitted ones. The black and white pixie hat is beyond awesome.

I’m less likely to wear the flower basket cloche. I love the expression on the lower woman’s face: “Fine. I will wear this hat. With dignity.”
I seriously doubt that Joan would be caught dead in that hat. Not Manhattan Girl at all.

Patterns for all available here.

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