Thursdays=She’s Crafty

Day 3 of solo workatronics, sans robot cubbymate

Ugh. Didn’t get very much done yesterday, I think I was too sleepy to focus. Last night I crashed at 8pm with the Ni so I didn’t get an opportunity to upload any crafty photos. So, I thought this would be a good opportunity to Make Some Lists:

Completed Craftyness!
Leather chain necklace by Cucumbersome Thanks for the reminder, Lindsay! And yes, I totally love her site too…

Top stitch the handles of my Amy Butler Nappy Bag
Cross-stitch descriptive buttons for said nappy bag’s super deep pockets
Finish the baby legs for Ni made out of Lu’s old tights

To start
Wee present for a certain someone who’s getting married soon (ack! shower this Saturday!)
A sling for Lu to carry HeavyBaby in
Wedding present for the best Halloween party EVER

What sort of craftyness are you up to these days?

NOTE! Today is my last day of work for a week. Since I’ll be chasing the girls around for the next eight days, I might not be around too much. Although I’m hoping to get lots of great pictures of the girls and some craftyness done. Stay tuned!


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