Day 10? 11? sans work compatriot. Boo-urns

The only thing worse than any old regular Monday is the first Monday back from vacation.
I could be at home, splashing in mud puddles with the Lucinator or singing All the Single Babies to Nicoco but here I am, at work. With plenty to do too. However I do have my Suessian flowers to keep me company, and I will probably break down and watch this movie of the girls once or twice:

Yo Gabba Gabba is finally okay

I am looking forward to month end because in October I’m only working on two (2!) crafty projects. The Wedding Present – which I’m so stoked about, and The Halloween Costume – which will be beyond awesome if I can figure out how to make it.

There is some hand-stitching involved in both projects, which somehow segues me to this week’s pattern:

Fruit with faces = funny.


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