Something I dislike about work, and how I fixed it.

Working for The Man is a lot different than working for that man over there. While I do enjoying working for that man, there is much to dislike about Going Corporate.

Number 2* on my list are RFID cards. Not only am I constantly losing and/or forgetting it, it’s just plain ugly. The photo is lousy and it costs me $25 to replace it. Plus, it assists The Man in tracking my movements to and from the washroom. Eww.

So, just to change things up a bit, I present the “Loteria Lanyard”:

This side is for those bright, sunshine-y days. La sirena frolics in the sea, much like how I traipse happily around the boxes of documents that need to be scanned.

El borracho is for those other days where everything just sucks. The network is down, you spilled your glass of water all over the confidential client files, and you know you’re going to be working late.

Basically, I hand-stitched two loteria cards back to back, slipped the RFID inside, made a festiva! wristband from scrap ribbon, and a few golden milagros, then attached the two with a safety pin. Classy.

Response has been mixed – Ad says it’s “awesome”. One of our receptionist’s looked down her glasses at La sirena’s boobies. I personally like the jingly noise I make now although it is one more way for The Man to follow me…

*# 1 – No decent coffee. Anywhere.
#3 – Wireless headsets and the idiots who conduct business on them while walking around the office.
#4 – Food courts.
#5 – Fluorescent lighting.
#6 – Fighting for a seat on the way home.
#7 – Inane chatter. Constant. Inane. Chatter.
#8 – My business being suddenly everyone else’s business.
#9 – Mac-related comments: “Look at that screen!”, “I want one of those too.”, “Why do you have one?”, “Can you tell me how to fix my kids’ Mac?”
#10 – The smell.

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