Tuesdays=The NiLu Report

Today will probably be an odd day. My world has been turned upside down.
Walking Backwards Man was not walking backwards this morning. He was walking forwards, just like the rest of us chumps.

Googling “walking backwards” and exercise tells me that you burn more calories, improve balance, and reverse karmic mistakes and sins. Who knew?

Moving on, I had the week off with the family. So much fun, even though Ad was recovering from minor surgery and we all had runny noses.

Ni has been sitting up all on her on own for awhile now.

Lu and I sewed her a new-to-her “big sister” dress, from her old stained t-shirt and dress.

Ad took it easy and got a lot of projects underway.

I took a ton of pictures and played around with some new filters on my iPhone.

Oh yes, and there was much pretending of being Aunty J. Apparently Aunty J likes to wear Doremon winter hats, sunglasses and her dance outfits to the Costco.

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Woman. Wife and Mama. Crafty.
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