Wednesdays=Vintage Inspiration

What not to wear

Originally uploaded by Shanghai Cowgirl

Tomorrow is the beginning of my favorite month. It’s also Ad’s favorite month too, but for very different reasons. Ask him about it sometime.

I thought I’d kick off Halloween month with some vintage costumes, and this is the first one I found. My politically-correct knee-jerk reaction to this image was… UGH! So stereotypical, like something we’d see the kids on Madmen doing.

However, a closer look each element displays the awesome craftyness of the outfit. The masks made out of milk jugs and coloured contact paper. The feather and bedazzled belts. The tin foil weaponry. The cute little collar.

I would never, ever dress the girls like this. I mean, where would I find those hideous bodysuits? But the separate parts are fun – think about the extrapolations. A “Where the wild things are” mask. A belt with matching cuffs for an anime character. Weapons for… okay, no weapons. But you get the idea.


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