Thursdays=She’s Crafty

Ad and I are definitely breeding lil’ makers and crafters. Lu loves to “sew” with me on the machine – although to be fair, sewing for her is checking on Bob the Bobbin in his bed. And occasionally providing him with a soother. I can’t wait until Ad teaches her (and reminds me) how to solder. I’d love to do some conductive embroidery.

But until that time, I’m sticking with showing Lu sewing. We made a big sister dress, a skirt like Aunty J’s and my current favorite to-do project:

Babylegs! At up to $20 a pop for babylegs that aren’t really long enough for my “baby”, I need to take matters into my own hands! $1.25 Dollarama socks plus 5 minutes equals total cuteness. I’m also loving the nifty trick of sewing close to the cut edge with a zig-zag stitch while stretching the fabric as you sew. That’s how you get that ridiculously cute ruffle effect. Thanks Calico! This is also a great way to recycle my otherwise-fine-but-there’s-holes-in-the-toes-socks into legwarmers for Lu and Lu’s otherwise-fine-but-there’s-holes-in-the-toes-and-crotch-tights into legwarmers for Ni.

Today marks the beginning of my favorite month of the year. And yes, I’ve started The Costume. I’m recycling from a previous year’s costume (Marge Simpson), reusing the bustier from our wedding day, and I just bought some black leather pants (50% sale at Goodwill! YES!) and some shoulder pads. It’s a creation in process, needless to say.

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  1. kniterdone says:

    I’m going to do a giveaway of handspun floss on my blog soon. I’ll be sure to send you a bit to try whether you win or not. Email me for info.


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