Originally uploaded by Shanghai Cowgirl

Blue fuzzy Doremon Hat.
Pink and black bejewelled sunglasses.
Gold heart-quilted winter jacket.
Pink fuzzy mitts.
White turtleneck.
Turquoise Ariel jumper.
Pink “angeldress/ballerina skirt”.
Big-girl panties (my little pony?).
Orange and black spider babylegs.
Turquoise socks.
Black MaryJanes.


About Michelle

Woman. Wife and Mama. Crafty.
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3 Responses to Lucystyles.

  1. Auntie Momo says:

    I just have to be honest here…. she’s got style I wish I had!

  2. Mandrew says:


  3. shanghaicowgirl says:

    @Momo – you just need two wacky parents to start dressing you in the mornings.

    @Mandrew – Lu has started making up her own versions of songs! To the tune of “Babyface”, she’ll replace babyface with either babylegs or babywipes. Yup. 100% my child.

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