The Crafty-to-do list: Item #542

ironing board

Via boingboing.

OMG! Seriously? Isn’t this screaming to be DIY’d? I would definitely use this in our house, and especially in the condo. And it folds up to hold the iron? **faints with delight**

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5 Responses to The Crafty-to-do list: Item #542

  1. Jsquirrel says:

    You *need* to make this!!!

  2. Mandrew says:

    yeah! make two!

    you see where I am going with this…

  3. shanghaicowgirl says:

    I guess you guys know what you’re going to get for Christmas now.*

    (*iron not included)

  4. Betty Ann says:

    will you be posting a pattern and instructions?
    i’m a member of Wardrobe Refashion and will look forward to you posting this and a link to your pattern.
    what a treasure that would be for a Christmas gift and a super refashion project.

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