Halloween Wrap-up

Even though I said that I had the entire month of October to make costumes, I forgot that needing an entire month to create, source and sew something was back in the day when I bought most of my accessories, was making myself one or two costumes, and I didn’t have two children. Needless to say, I was taping, hot gluing, and tacking my outfit at 5pm on Friday, October 30th.

Nana and Poppa have purchased warm and cute costumes for Lu in the past, and this year added Ni to their shopping list:

She was just carried around and stared at the lights. We ate her candy. She also made out with a little boy named Oliver, and is now the neighbourhood hussy.

Lu had a teddy bear costume. And then decided she wanted to be a butterfly. And then decided she wanted to be a ballerina. (“Mama? Can I have ballet lessons?”) So, the butterfly wings from last year were salvaged, and a tutu made from the petitcoat of her flower girl dress, plus the bear costume equals:

When asked, she described herself as “I’m a teddy bear ballerina costume”. She clearly understands trick or treating now, and loved checking out all the big girls in their big girl costumes. She also thanked the neighbours for “visiting with her”. She did about ten houses, and then sat with Poppa and handed out Smarties – only the Smarties, mind you, as those were her favorites – until Mama got tired and wanted to go home.

My top five favorite Halloween Costumes of 2009 that I didn’t see in person!

Yoshi! Mario!

Darth Vade and Death Star via Boing Boing

Longoland Monster (pre-rug) via BoingBoing

Zombies from the always awesome Sam @ DDOI - definitely worth the click-through to see it large

And #1 for 2009 (both for the costume awesomeness, the kid’s patience and the parents’ full on geekiness:
Robot boy via Make You must click through to see the Arduino in action!

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