Stashbusters – week two

The Stashbusting! is progressing, slowly but surely. I don’t have much time to work on projects as I work “outside of the home”. Not to say that I don’t work “inside the home” as well. And not to say that if I worked “inside the home” full time I would have more time to be crafty. But I would have nap times to bust out the podge, hoops and fabric.

Perhaps I should convince my boss about the value of an afternoon nap?

I do get a couple of hours a week to myself to visit The Workroom where I catch up on my to-do pile and get some mindful meditation in front of the machine.

Current results from my pledge to Stashbust! thus far:

This represents a good three hours of sewing, including making tea, chatting with the Workroom ladies and petting Maisy.

The jeans to denim bibs project is my current success story, and therefore my favorite project. The tutorial is quick and easy, and I’ve been making them in assembly line fashion as I’ve cut out many, many, bibs. Kristena uses denim, but you don’t have to. But she won me over at doesn’t show stains.

There are so many tutorials out there for sweater to cardi refashions I couldn’t tell you which inspired this. I’m still not sure if I will wear this though. Perhaps I’ll remove the ruffle and add some jumbo ric-rac trim. Or maybe add one of the doilies that Gare gave me from Junie’s stash.

This (unfinished) clutch is directly from this tutorial. I definitely messed something up somewhere along the lines, but I’m not sure where. It’s also way too thick for me to sew the bottom closed, which I’ll probably end up doing by hand. And I haven’t figured out my alternative closure. But, have no fear! If this one doesn’t work out, I still have the left arm of the jacket!

Finally, the saddest project, what you kids on the Internets would call a “FAIL”. I was hoping to get two pencil skirts out of these men’s button down shirts. Sadly, these child-bearing hip bones won’t allow it – (curse you relaxin, devil of all the female hormones). The upshot is now I’m making them into cute NiLu dresses accented with some colourful buttons I won last year.

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13 Responses to Stashbusters – week two

  1. myRayofSon says:

    Did I send you the craftiness that is refashioning cardigan’s/sweaters with new crochet? It’s similar to the sleeve editions that I put on my jean jacket.

  2. I’ll bring it up at the next F.R.E.D. meeting.

    I really love the last two pics.

    • Michelle says:

      @JW – Hey, thanks! I figure if I can’t make something right, at least I can take a pretty picture of it.

  3. Jsquirrel says:

    Love the bibs…can’t wait until Sugahbaby can use it!

  4. I love the bibs! Your birdie fabric looks so fresh & cute with the denim! Nice! I’ll add you to my stashbusting roundup at Dollar Store Crafts on Sunday!


  5. Pingback: Weekend roundup: Stashbusting Part 3 | Dollar Store Crafts

    • Michelle says:

      @ Angela – Ah HA! That’s what I should have done with the cardigan – how you cut it so it’s asymmetrical? I wonder if I can salvage it? I might dye mine too. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Angela says:

    I just got your comment on my blog. Thanks. That’s so funny. I replied after your comment if you want to link back and see.

    Only a few more days to finish our April Stash Bust vows. I better get going. I have a lot to “bust” up still, lol.

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