Recently, the girls.

Now, with extra stashbusting!

The family has been sick for just over a week now with some sort of cold and/or flu virus. Lovely. This means I haven’t been very crafty, either because I was too drained, or I had my hands full of baby who wanted me to make it all go away.

Sunday, we decided to suck it up and play out on the balcony while Adam scored a double seater bike trailer for $20 at the MEC swap sale.

Lu always needs to be wearing a dress. However, she had a finite number of dresses to wear. Enter stashbusting! I took six of my pre-pregnancy t-shirts that were too short, but I couldn’t bear to part with. Traced one of Lu’s summer tank dresses onto them, cut them out, zig-zag stitched them together. Done in about 30 minutes. This isn’t rocket science – I can think of several tutorials off the top of my head that provide more direction. But it’s cool for me to be able to whip up a creative solution in the same amount of time it would take for me to get up to the Value Village and find the same number of dresses. And my solution is free.

They aren’t much to look at, but for digging/blowing bubbles/painting/chalk drawing outside they’re a pretty good replacement for her fancy Gran-made dresses.

Okay, gratuitous head shots:

Tonight – madcrazy sewing at the Workroom – huzzah!


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5 Responses to Recently, the girls.

  1. Tina says:

    1 minor solution to the lack of dresses will be mailed your way on Monday. I hope she likes it and more so I hope it fits!

  2. Tina says:

    ps. YOU ARE AWESOME! That is a fantastic idea!

    • Michelle says:

      Well shucks, thanks! I’m looking forward to seeing the dress. And if it doesn’t fit her, it’ll fit Nico. And if it doesn’t fit Nico, it’ll fit Catelyn. And if it doesn’t fit Catelyn, it’ll definitely fit Andy & Mere’s baby-to-be!

  3. I like the dress – I think they’re pretty cute!

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