Stashbusters! Week Three

After a late start and a small episode of contextual disorientation courtesy my work compatriot, I got down to the busting of the stash:

The girls’ dresses are coming along, with hemming, adding elastic and stitching the straps on left to do. Of course I haven’t actually tried the dresses on them yet, so who knows if they’ll fit.

New “babylegs” for Lucy from knee high socks. There are lots of tutorials about making them, for way less than $18, but I like Callie’s tutorial best for the wee ruffle at the bottom.

The yellow stripey thing-y may or may not turn into a mooshy belly bunny. We’ll see.

The omniprecent bibs. 8 of 16.

And the blob of white fabric is… a blob of white fabric. It’s white t-shirt material stitched together into one long piece, and then snipped with many holes a la those plastic bags that grapes come in. It’s going to be a toy hammock for Lu’s “friends” over her bed, and the genius idea of making grocery bags out of t-shirts with those snips comes from here. Action shot to come.

More gratuitous head shots? Okay.

The Mayor of The Workroom.

And me, looking super surprised that this quick bust (husband’s too-small long sleeve shirt into a t-shirt for me) actually fits considering I didn’t size it and somehow deviated from Jessica’s tutorial.

I may have to give this shirt to my sister, as I am definitely not the homebaking champion of 1978. But she is.


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2 Responses to Stashbusters! Week Three

  1. I will haunt you everywhere! You cannot hide.

  2. Jsquirrel says:

    LOL @ your face in that pic…awesomeness! And yes, I think I would enjoy that tee!
    I’m digging those baby legs. Once I re-learn how to sew, I’m making some for Sugah

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