Some changes around here

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I’ve changed the name. Not just because Nico is now feeding herself.

I love craft, crafting and crafters. I love the process of making in all aspects. I love listening to Adam composing music, and hearing each layer he adds. I love coming home from work and seeing what Lucy created with Sarah. Or, her new favorite thing, “making something new from something old, Mama”. Oh yes, she is my daughter.

I have made virtual and real-time friends through craft. And in a very important way, craft keeps me sane. It helps me manage my anxieties in a way that therapy and other coping mechanisms fail to.

So, I’m going to be posting more regularly about craft. There will still be pictures of the family – as this is the most convenient way to satiate everyone’s NiLu fix – but hopefully within the context of craft.

I’m also really excited because I will be writing regularly for The Toronto Craft Alert, starting in May. More on that soon. And I’m looking forward to getting back into more photography, again on the crafty tip.

Oh yes, the name change comes from Jen – that’s what she called me, and I kinda liked it.


About Michelle

Woman. Wife and Mama. Crafty.
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5 Responses to Some changes around here

  1. Ryan says:

    Hmm. Crafty title.

  2. Missus Ward says:

    It’s like, an actor’s actor. Only saner.

  3. Adam says:

    just my type.

  4. Pooka says:

    Yeah! Awsome-o!

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