T-shirts to toy hammock

Will the stashbusting ever end? Nope. The motivation to get through my stash this month has been helpful as we’re supposed to be moving this year. You know, any time now. But I digress.

The girls have a lot of “friends” – the stuffed animal type. And we’re quickly running out of space for them. Sadly, I cannot get rid of toys that are named.

Yes, every single one has a name, you’ll have to click through if you want to know each one.

All of these friends needed a place to sleep, and if a friend was misplaced it caused much distress for Lu so here we go, a toy hammock across her bed posts for easy access.

It’s pretty straightforward – two large t-shirts cut just below the arms, split open, stitched together. The nifty trick to to cut slits throughout your large piece of fabric to give it some more hammock-y stretch.

The trick to do the cuts was inspired by Between the Lines’ t-shirt grocery bag tutorial that was inspired by a bag a grapes she bought. I wonder who thought up making a hammock-type bag for grapes?

I hung up the toy hammock onto two binder rings, knotted the fabric and clipped them around the posts. It isn’t going anywhere, and certainly took Lu rocking her friends to sleep in their new “tent”, as she’s calling it. I might tack the ends down to the clips once we move and the hammock has a more permanent place in NiLu’s room.


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7 Responses to T-shirts to toy hammock

  1. Christie says:

    That’s such a great idea! Fantastic!

  2. Very clever!! Good way to deal with a “problem” too! Also, I know what you mean about moving any time now… it’s always so weird to wait for that kind of thing! I’ll link up to you in my next Stashbusting roundup!

  3. michelle says:

    Hi, Michelle! Just popped over to see your blog – I LOVE this toy hammock idea! Making some soon for little nephews, plus maybe one to hang in my craft room for balls of twine, fabric, etc. It’s not just little kids who have too many “toys.” I have serious need to corral my own mess.

    • Michelle says:

      Hey, thanks Michelle! I’m thinking about making more but I think that my husband might get miffed with tons of hammocks hanging all over the place. I’m also wondering about switching it up a little and making a plant holder along the same line…stay tuned!

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