Something I just made, thanks to Just Something I made (indirectly)

Cathie, over at Just Something I Made just made a Flickr group for people who make something from her Somethings. Confused yet? Cathie is a graphic designer who shares TONS of free stuff she creates with the Interwebz.

Seeing the post about her Flickr group was a helpful reminder to be that I too, have made something from her generous stash. This image is actually from the Graphics Fairy, to whom I was introduced by JSIM:

plus this tutorial by During Quiet Time:

equals this final project!

And everyone’s bottoms will be happy as they won’t be sitting on my pins and needles anymore.

I originally started this post giving props to JSIM, but now credit is due to the Graphics Fairy. But, there are several JSIM projects in my Evernote to-craft list that I’d love to get to:

But instead of a card holder, picture a sewing kit!

Baby steps towards organizing the madness that is my stash.

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3 Responses to Something I just made, thanks to Just Something I made (indirectly)

  1. Jsquirrel says:

    Love it! I should make something like that for the Bean’s crafty corner!

  2. Cathe Holden says:

    Awesome idea for using the cigarette case for a sewing kit. Oh, and I’ll take credit from Karen the Graphics Fairy. She won’t mind, LOL! She’s so nice, she really probably wouldn’t. I’m surprised how often folks mix us up. I think it’s because I’ve hoarded so many of her fabulous graphics to create fun projects. She’s the best.

    • Michelle says:

      I’ll send you a link once I’ve done it, Cathie! I’m heading to an antique market over the weekend, so hopefully I’ll find one to use!

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