Input required!

Americo Original blue cotton skiens

Originally uploaded by Shanghai Cowgirl

Well, it’s finally here. My very first crafty store review is going live over at the Toronto Craft Alert.
The problem is, I need a title for the series, but I can’t think of an awesome one. It needs to be awesome, people. I know my writing skills will improve over time, and therefore so will the column. But the title, that’s absolute. It needs to be awesome now!
So, what say you? It’s always been called “The Crafty Store Review” – original, I know. Something catchy would be nice. I’m looking at you, Tina.


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9 Responses to Input required!

  1. jsquirrel says:

    “Get Your Craft On”
    “Just Crafty”
    “Craft This!”
    “Review that Craft!”
    “Crafted from a Review”

  2. jsquirrel says:

    Oh for cryin’ out loud!

  3. jsquirrel says:

    “The Social Fabric”
    “All Sewn Up”

  4. jsquirrel says:

    “The Goods”
    “Giving the Goods”
    “Knit One, Pearl Review”…oh, I don’t know…

  5. Tina says:

    Crap, so I guess I dropped the ball on that one? In fairness I have been off the radar due to the boy’s surgery and the resulting stress it caused. But I’m back now and promise to pay closer attention! And its probably good that you’ve figured something out cause the only thing I came up with was *things you should know* which sounds both fitting and lame. What can ya do, sometimes I’m both!

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