Thinking outside of the quilt block

This pattern maker has been making its way around the Interwebz this week. I’ve been avoiding it because it looks interesting and a serious time-waster and my usual blog reading time has being seriously limited by this silly thing called Work.

I finally got to try it! Fun, WOW! I love the abstract pattern results, the solid colours I can use and how very modern they are. I think there still might be hope in making a quilt for the Parental Bed.

I also love the idea of crunching my own photos through the maker to see what appears.

Most don’t translate well, but a few I love. Not surprisingly, several of my more “risque” images look wicked as quilt patterns.

NSFW Original Image

Seriously. Don’t click the image unless you want to see someone else’s breasts.

I think this one is my favorite, and a definitely contender for a quilt:

NSFW Original Image

Perhaps this could be a whole new side project… erotic quilts?

Oh yeah, as a side note – if you’re in the neighbourhood on this Sunday between 12 and 5pm, the girls and I will be selling my destash of crafty supplies at the Workroom’s Yard Sale Trunk Show. You certainly don’t need to buy my crap, but there are going to be some awesome handmade vendors there, plus a bunch of us in Karyn’s backyard selling our crap awesome and value-added commodities.

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One Response to Thinking outside of the quilt block

  1. Tina says:

    I totally found this like 2 weeks ago and created a pattern of my kid’s face. I can’t wait to make it. It will take FOREVER! I love the idea but it would work so much better with bright pictures with bright colours.

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