Hexagon Tiara of Doom! (Part 1)

I love a challenge, and I love hexagons. Mich L in LA recently had an ENVELOPE OF DOOM challenge where she sent out packages of doom-y goodness to fellow bloggers, tasking them to create three gifts from the materials inside. I received my package a couple of weeks ago, and there have been some great ideas coming down the Interwebz.

I had three gift ideas immediately once I opened my package, but they got put to the side with work and kids and colds and life in general. But then! Disaster struck. Lu’s precious tiara broke. Many tears were shed and so I promised her I’d make her a new one that wouldn’t break. She seemed skeptical.

We’ve also been fooling around with my growing tub of hexagons, making flower patterns, playing “I Spy”, or more often than not, throwing them around the living room. I finished my first hexagon project and I was trying to figure out what to make next with these things that wasn’t a quilt or a pillow or a placemat or any type of home decor…

Solution? The Hexagon Tiara of Doom! (A Pictorial)

Gather your supplies. You’ll be needing a headband, about 1 metre of ribbon, stiff interfacing, beads or sequins and a bunch of hexagons.

You will also need tools: scissors, a quilting needle, thimble, thread and maybe a glue gun if you’re not so much into the sewing.

Step 1 – Figure out what shape you want the facade of the tiara to have. As Lucy has a relatively small head, I ended up only using five 1″ hexagons for each side, making a total of 10 hexagons. I would need more to cover my own furrowed brow.

Step 2 – Stitch those hexies together! I learnt how to paper piece via Johanna, and everyone has a different way of doing it. If you don’t have your own, try Sunshine’s tutorial. In my example, I stitched these five together, and then stitched the other five together – but did not sew the two layers together yet.

Step 3 (optional) – I did this because I didn’t have enough ribbon to cover my headband. Centre the facade on the headband. Note that the facade is being placed along the wide aspect of the band; I marked with a pen where the facade sat to ensure I covered the rest of the band. If you have lots of ribbon, you won’t have this problem.

Step 4 – Wrap ribbon around the headband and secure. I chose to tack the ribbon at the ends and then slip stitch the ribbon so it was secure. But, you could also glue gun this part. The ribbon was from the Envelope of Doom!

Step 5 – Add sparkles to the front of your facade. Do this before you make the interface sandwich. These square purple beads were from the Envelope of Doom!

Step 6 – Trace the shape of your tiara facade onto your interfacing. Sandwich in between the front and back pieced hexagons and ladder-stitch all the way around, except for the bottom and the sides of the two bottom end hexagons.

Step 7 – Place your headband in the the hexagon/interface sandwich and pin in place. Finish stitching around the headband with your ladder-stitch.

Tune in tomorrow for the big reveal!


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