Baby Be Well Bag for Miss MoneyPenny

We have a newborn in our extended family once again. And I wanted to take a little something, besides food, for the babe and the newly-stunned parents, so I came up with this:

We were a bit unprepared for her arrival, so Adam whipped up a batch of his super-tasty burgers and I made this after  Day 3 of my Dressmaking Day Camp (more on that soon!).

I used Karyn’s foolproof zipper lined pouch pattern, but there are lots of other patterns out there that you can use. Just in the past week I’ve seen this one, this one, or, if you can’t sew, this one. Not even an hour later I had a super cute pouch waiting to be filled with the necessities that will save Andy from trekking to the 24 hour Shoppers Drug Mart on Bay Street at 1:30 in the morning.

I picked up the few things that you can use with a baby 0-3 months: Tempra for pain and fevers, Oval for gas pain, saline solution for a stuffy nose and a homeopathic remedy called Coryzalia for colds. The only other thing I would have included that they didn’t have in stock were D-Drops, which are a much easier way to give your breastfed newborn a daily dose of vitamin D.

Be well, baby Penny!


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2 Responses to Baby Be Well Bag for Miss MoneyPenny

  1. Father Moneypenny says:

    Loved this gift. Very thoughtful, helpful and useful…oh and wonderful…I have run out of -fuls…

    Miss Moneypenny thanks you as well…it he rown way.

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