Envelope of Doom – Project Two – Tribal Necklace of Fear

Many of you think I’m pretty crafty. And you’d be right. I do rock the craft. But there is one craft that strikes fear into my heart: jewellery making.  So, it was with some surprise that I stumbled upon Mich’s blog, which makes funky bits and bobs out of… bits and bobs. Really. In the past month, she’s made stuff out of a badminton birdie, a fly swatter, orphaned earrings, and kitchen utensils! So, inspired by her and her ENVELOPE OF DOOM, Lu and I decided to make a necklace.

Lu decided she wanted to make a necklace for her Aunty Jenn, and I decided we’d try to make something a little “tribal” as Aunty Jenn does do some tribal bellydance.

We started with supplies:

We ended up using the crazy yarn, plus a pendant of beads and shells from the ENVELOPE OF DOOM plus some ribbon from my stash.

Wrap the ribbon around the pencil as the base. Then wrap the crazy yarn around that. Then sew or thread the beads and shells randomly around your new jumbo fabric bead…

Slip it off your pencil and onto a wire choker…

Ta-da! Lu was very proud of what we accomplished, and had to wear it for the rest of the afternoon.


Action shot!
The necklace – and Lu – are on their way to deliver it to Aunty Jenn!


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2 Responses to Envelope of Doom – Project Two – Tribal Necklace of Fear

  1. michelle says:

    This is wonderful! I am so impressed. You are hereby commanded to make lots more jewelry – because this necklace is a really unique idea, and I’m convinced your brain is stuffed with fantastic jewels just waiting to emerge. Thanks for a new Project of Doom, this is truly one of my faves so far! I’ll be posting about it soon…

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