People Movers, Zombie Movie Sets, and Double Rainbows (all the way)

Thursday morning with Adam’s TomTom doo-hickey and without my Nikon 24-70 lens thankyouverymuchVistek, we headed to America.

Four and a half sweaty hours later, we arrived in our swank hotel, dropped our gear and headed out for Cuban food.

Mojitos plus shrimps stuffed with jalapenos, cream cheese, wrapped in bacon and then fried? Yes please. Also, the only place where they actually drew the espresso. And therefore, the only tasty coffee we had while in Detroit.

We walked off the plates of tasty Cuban goodness down at the Riverwalk.

JoeWilson is a very gregarious person when travelling.

Eventually we got a wee bit lost. We ended up next to a freeway. Adam decided to go AlphaMale to get us out of there. Sorry, JoeWilson. Not.Even.Close.

AlphaMale led us here. This is afternoon rush hour people. I snapped off about six shots before a car came into view. Detroit is hosting a lot of movies sets these days and it’s not surprising. Zombie movie anyone?

More walking around, finding out that shops close early in the downtown area. But every building – open or closed, occupied or abandoned – is fascinating.

Finally, a friendly bartender points us in the direction of public transit and gives us one dollar bills to get on the People Mover. 50 cents a ride!

The people mover was dead – I wonder if no one rides it because it’s unmanned? Another great set for that zombie movie, though…

Home to our beds, we drank bar-fridge beers and wine because there are NO liquor stores in downtown Detroit and introduced JoeWilson to the internet phenomenon that is the Double Rainbow.

Tomorrow: Tar-jay disappointment and The Al Green Experience.


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