Taxis, God and War

Friday was the Heidelberg Project.

The Heidelberg Project, named after the street it is located, was started in the ’80’s by Tyree Guyton who was born and raised in the neighbourhood.

After the Detroit Riots, Tyree and the neighbourhood kids began cleaning up the neighbourhood, and using the garbage they found started created art installations.

The project grew to include entire lots, abandoned houses, sidewalks, trees and even the street itself.

Walking through the neighbourhood was incredibly surreal, almost too many things to take pictures of, so many themes to digest.

Ultimately, I focused on colours only, just to filter the overwhelming amount of information my camera was seeing.

An amazing project that still continues in this neighbourhood and others. If you are interested, there are more pictures here.

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2 Responses to Taxis, God and War

  1. michelle says:

    How cool! I had never heard of this, thanks for the heads up!

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