Moxie Darwin Wright

The latest member of the Wright family:

Her Sugahness, baby Caitlyn, or as Nico calls her, “BABY!” was christened this past Sunday. And when Jenn was asked what to get Caitlyn, she said, “Nothing godly”. Which possibly slightly subverts getting a child christened into a church of God… but I digress.

So, nothing godly. What’s the opposite of God?
No. You’re wrong.
The opposite of God is Charles Darwin.

And thus, I decided to give a monkey to Caitlyn to celebrate her christening, and more importantly, the awesome-ness of having Adam and I as heretic godparents.

Okay, maybe that’s overstating things. Ad is a recovering cathoholic but has more faith in his little finger than a lot of other yea-sayers. And I, well, my verdict is out. However I have a healthy respect for folks who practice their faith in a mindful way, everyday. I barely wince now when the girls do the sign-of-the-cross at the dinner table. Barely.

I’m looking at the trackback for the pattern for this sweet monkey and am just realizing it’s quite possible that I will offend the creator of the monkey with this post. Umm. Sorry if I did.
Let’s get back to the craft, shall we?

So, the pattern was free-by-donation from mmm…Crafts Note to self, do a Paypal donation. and in retrospect, a really great softie pattern. However. I am NOT a softie sewer. Too many “precision moments” as Johanna calls them. Softies are tiny, cute and tricky for me. I am way too half-assed to do much precision sewing.

But Moxie (originally named Mollie by the creator) is made with love for a special day for a lovable baby. I especially love that the fabric came from different places. The denim hat and MaryJanes were from a tiny dress of Nico’s I couldn’t bear to part with. The monkey “fur” is a super-soft shirt of Adam’s. The pink cotton and seersucker is from the bridesmaid dress I wore to Jenn and Steve’s wedding, and the sleeves and socks were from the Workroom.

I hope Caitlyn has hours of fun chewing on her tail.

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5 Responses to Moxie Darwin Wright

  1. Jsquirrel says:

    Dude…she LOVES Moxie somethin’ fierce!!

    And as for the “ungodly”ness of gifts…its simply because at Liam’s Baptism he received (albeit lovely) so many of the same Christening gifts (frames, crosses, etc).

  2. --ginger. says:

    Love love love the Anti-Godly Monkey. Super excellent. And thanks for your great comment–so glad to know there’s another goofball thrifter/sewer/questionably stable person out there!

  3. Tina says:

    dude, that’s kick ass! you totally rocked that project! She looks A-mazing!

  4. Joyce says:

    Such a wonderful idea, and so creatively done!
    You sure aced this one!

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