Making cash money (wallet)

One vodkatonic, one cuppycake and one hour later I’m halfway done my new “housepoor” wallet. The new homeowner budgeting starts September 1st, and so I need to be ready. And that, of course, means handsewing a new wallet with wee soon-to-be labelled pockets to reflect the New Regime. No new Liberty of London Tana Lawn for me, folks. This is a new level of restraint. And that calls for a restraining wallet, if not some other sort of physical restraining system.

I wonder if I have enough yardage to whip up a straightjacket? Perhaps in that lovely Ebs pattern?


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2 Responses to Making cash money (wallet)

  1. --ginger. says:

    Look at you! You are so productive I could pass out! And do let me know when you come across the straight jacket pattern. I’d like to make one to match the chandelier my kids are swinging from.

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