Halloween, before we had children. Or, wigs I have known and loved.

I was all excited thinking I would do a post on all the Halloween parties and costumes before we all had Relationships and Children and Real Jobs and Such. But apparently, that time was so long ago I didn’t even have a digital camera. So the majority of the photos aren’t digital. Isn’t that crazy? But, let’s take a walk down memory lane anyways, shall we?

There was that first Halloween party that Adam and I threw at his place on Wallace – remember that? That was the year that Simon came as a Toasted Western, and won the prize for best costume. At least, I think there was a prize. There were foul tasting shooters and fake blood all over his bathroom. Which still remained on the tiles and walls when Adam moved out a couple of years later. Adam and I were Steed and Mrs. Peel. Man, I loved that brown flip wig.

via Dickhune

There was that one Halloween party that had the Buffy the Vampire Slayer theme. Adam was Spike and I was Drucilla. Remember, Adam dyed his hair bleached blonde? I believe that was the same year that Karen, Adam, Scott and I went to the Rue Morgue party at the Church at Berkeley. Man, that was crazy too. I’m pretty sure that I was dressed up as a Frida Kahlo painting (but with no nudity, unlike the link). It was a two wig Halloween that year.

Rue Morgue Party - taken by Scott

And then there was the 80’s party, again no digital footage. Jeff was Michael Douglas in Wall Street. I think Mere had a Toronto Rocks or CityTv Everywhere t-shirt? Peter looked very foxy in his suspenders. My dress form wore a cheerleader outfit and hung from the ceiling. Where it stayed for a couple of months after. Much tastier shooters that year. That might have been the year that I bought the auburn pixie cut wig, but I can’t be sure. I don’t even remember what Adam and I dressed up as.

We didn’t have our crap together the following year, which only means we didn’t have an overarching theme that year. But I did find the time to buy another wig. And there were shooters.

Drunken Blurry Photo of Yours Truly

And the gang did get together in our kitchen.

The Gang!

And then we had children and Halloween got a little less drunk and way more cute.

Lu's First Halloween

Ni's first Halloween

Maybe next year we’ll have our acts in order and throw a kick-ass Halloween party at the condo. We have a whole terrace to decorate as well now! But this year, I’m keeping it lo-fi. No wig purchases, instead I made costumes for the girls. And in the 30 minutes I had last night, threw this together for myself:

red shirt + scrap black jersey + gold bangles = a Red Shirt.
I made the badge out of office supplies. I <3 glue sticks.

So, this year's Halloween will be low key, without shooters or fake hair or themed costumes. But Halloween with the girls is a whole new kind of awesome. Plus, a number of the parents on Nana and Poppa's street do "travellers", so I think there's still room for a bit of grown-up celebration. I'm going to start planning for Halloween 2011.

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2 Responses to Halloween, before we had children. Or, wigs I have known and loved.

  1. Michelle L. says:

    Too many cute pics! Esp. Lu’s first Halloween, it is hilariously cute. Have a wonderful one!

  2. jsquirrel says:

    diggin’ the last minute costume!

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