Beertail Experimentasting

Last weekend, the girls went to visit their Gran and Papere. And while they were hanging out with their relatives up there, Adam and I were enjoying a well-deserved chill-out weekend.

It was awesome.

We weren’t packing, or unpacking, getting rid of old things, researching buying new things, dropping stuff off at the Goodwill, sealing, painting, cleaning or putting floors in. We did do a few small things, but other than that we slept, ate junk food and were social.

Friday we went to the Treehouse Talk – which was so much fun.

And Saturday was the Beertail Experimentasting. Here’s the photo documentation:

Organized by Beerologist, Mirella, and hosted by Jason who seems to like beer just as much as he likes the colour red and low riders.

First up, homemade moonshine. Actually, a surprisingly tasty grappa. Made by Mirella’s brother’s own two feet.

After drinking both my and Paul’s servings, my photography and notation skills went a little south.

This one had either whipped cream or ice cream…

This one had orange AND a cherry garnish…

Stout, plus something minty besides that candy cane…

This one definitely had amaretto in it…

These may be trial versions of the chocolate cherry flip, which was my favorite of the evening.

I bailed “early” – around 10pm – and there were still more beer cocktails after that! Adam stumbled home after midnight and happily, no kids the next morning.

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