Sew Mama Sew – Giveaways Past and Present

Hey y’all – I’m giving away stuff!

If you’re not in the online world, let me break it down for you. Every year the fantastic Sew Mama Sew hosts a Holiday Giveaway where they invite craft bloggers and sellers to give something(s) away to the craft community. For online sellers, it’s a great way to increase sales, for bloggers to increase hits, and for readers like me, we get to win stuff and find new blogs to read. Win-Win-Win!

edited to add – Hey look! I missed the deadline! Yeah, I should have posted this the night before. What is Eastern time, anyways? Am I east? Oh well. We’re still on with the giveaway, and you’ll probably have a better chance now too!

I’ve entered and won before. But I’ve also added some pretty awesome blogs to my Reader after finding them on the 2009 Giveaway. So, I thought I’d recap and do a little giveaway of my own.

Ginger Hendrix over on Wiener Dog Tricks is totally hilarious, uses re-purposed fabrics for all of her projects and won over my heart by using a Squeeze reference to title a quilting post. Also, she keeps it REAL. She’s got normal kids hanging off chandeliers too. No way! She’d rather buy fabric and notions from the thrift store too. Oh yeah! She throws stuff together at a whim and answers questions later. A woman after my own heart. So, this first prize is named after her – “The Ginger”:

Yup. A big-ass pile of fabrics. Please ignore the awfulness of the photos, holy smoke winter natural light in Toronto is pathetic these days.

I had this wonderful concept of creating little charm packs of fabric tied up in bows. But then, seriously? Ni and I have colds. Lu has been a night time terror. Ad’s been working the weekend. And really, you just want the fabric.

Included in the pile are some beautiful kimono pieces, some 60’s linens, and the rest are happy cottons. Every piece is AT LEAST the size of a charm square, if not way more. Because I was too tired to cut. And I need a new rotary blade.

Next up is Michelle over at Mich L. in L.A. who is a jewellery designer. A wacky, dollar-store trolling, dog-loving lady who didn’t actually do a SMS giveaway, but did the Envelope of Doom project, which I participated in and was so much fun. Plus she has the hilarious “Guess the Mystery Thing” challenge. Michelle makes me believe I TOO can make jewellery, even though I don’t have any of the fancy bits and bobs.

Lots of the easy-peasy tutorials that Michelle posts are made of plastics, and one was even made out of water bottles. So, this prize is named in her honour – “The Mich”:

Polar Fleece! (Polar fleece is often made of recycled bottles, although I’m not sure if this stuff is or not…let’s just pretend it is.) There’s enough of the yellow to make a simple poncho for a two or three-year old. I made this one for girls for Christmas – post coming soon. And there’s lots of pieces to make ornaments or even these awesome mitts.

Last, but certainly not least, is the final prize, The “TruDat”:

True Up is where I learn about textiles. When you want see what’s out there and how it came to be, this is where you need to go. So, this prize is a whole bunch of new cottons. A bit of Moda, a bit of Japanese linen, a bit of Kaffe Fasset, and much, much more. All at least 5″x5″, most definitely more.

So, what do you have to do to win? Let me know in the comments which prize you want – pick one please – and let me know what is one of YOUR favorite blogs you’ve added to your reader in 2010.
That’s it! And yes, I’ll ship internationally.

Thanks for reading, and thanks to Ginger, Michelle and Kim for writing!


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344 Responses to Sew Mama Sew – Giveaways Past and Present

  1. Charlotte says:

    oooh, I love the Tru dat bundle! My favourite new blog is

    thanks for the chance to win!

  2. Tracey says:

    beautiful fabrics! please put my name in for the “tru dat” pile! fave craft blog is stitchrabbit! cheers…
    ♥ tracey
    ps – I’m also in toronto!

  3. Suzanne says:

    The Ginger, please. My fav blog this year has been Sew Mama Sew. I know it’s a big one, but I’ve loved Handmade Holidays.

  4. Ellen says:

    True Up for sure! Thanks for this great giveaway (found you through Sew Mama Sew)!

  5. --ginger. says:

    Now, see? THAT is what I click on to read first thing on a Monday morning. So great. (And I forgot to sign up for Giveaway Day this year: good one.) Please sign me up for “The Ginger!” Woo Hoo! Neener neener maybe I will win! And thanks to you, faithful reader with the best posts ever.

  6. Katie says:

    bah so excited! I’m finding so many wonderful blogs! amylouwho is one of my new favs :) And I would luuurve to win Truedat!!!

  7. Ammie says:

    I love True Up, too, so I’d pick the TruDat honorary gift. :D I’ve also been reading Malka Dubraska’s gorgeous blog for a year (or maybe longer). I love batiking, and Malka’s fabrics are among the most beautiful and simple creations I’ve seen. I love being privy to her creative processes. She inspires me to craft with reckless abandon. :D

  8. Amy says:

    Tru-Dat! I’ve found so many great blogs this year, my reader overflows! Let’s pick Cluck Cluck Sew for one.

  9. Peg says:

    The Ginger please – favorite blog, how does one pick!!!!

  10. Michal says:

    Great giveaway! I discovered you via Sew Mama Sew – though my favorite blog this year must be the Australian – Whip Up. And I’d love the Ginger! or the Trudat!

  11. Anne says:

    Your writing style is as charming as can be! You sound like you could be my long-lost cousin from Arkansas (where I live, y’all)! Because I am so very enamored by your “Giveaway Day” post, your wonderful “A Crafter’s Crafter” is my favorite blog added in 2010! If I win, I want that big-ass pile of fabric with the kimono pieces! Thanks for participating in Giveaway Day!

    Anne acarp [at ] swbell [net]

  12. ryder says:

    true up cause i loove japanese fabric, i check it every day for the last year

  13. Sarah says:

    I love the Tru Dat prize.

    I have added to my reader. It’s a great crafty blog.

  14. Tiffany says:

    I would love to win the “TruDat” package. My favorite blog is

  15. Cammie says:

    I like the trudat.
    I love the blog v and co. She is whitty, kind, funny and creative.

  16. Eerika says:

    If I am lucky enough to win, I’d love “The Ginger” package please.

    I’ve added approximately a gazillion blogs to my poor overladen reader this year, but one of my most favourite additions is Absolutely Small:
    Not only is Claire hilarious and talented in equal measure, she makes the most awesome, and absurd, little soft toy chickens that wear pants! :D

  17. Tiffany says:

    I have just added and started following about 30 blogs in the last two weeks! I’d have to say my favorite is…moda bake shop. My favorite giveaway bundle is trudat. :)

  18. Gill watson says:

    The Tru Dat please!
    My favourite blog I’ve discovered this year is

  19. Jessica C says:

    I think I’m more of a TruDat kinda girl. One of the newest blogs I’ve added to my reader is www(dot)pleasant-home(dot)blogspot(dot)com because of her scraps-along. I love quilts made of scraps, and she inspired me. Thanks for a generous giveaway.

  20. Alisha Smith says:

    the TruDat please. One that I added this year is ‘CrazyMomQuilts’

  21. Heather says:

    The Ginger definately. A new blog I added this year is Cottonopia: Absolutely a must if you are interested in vintage textiles.

  22. I would love the “Ginger”. Little bundles tied with bows would have been cute, but you are right. We just want the fabric, and the bow would have been untied and the pieces sorted and “stashed”. I so get the way life gets in the way of perfection.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  23. Emily says:

    I like them all but if I had to pick just one, I’d have to say the first set. :)

    This year is the first year I’ve actually been into blogging so I have a ton in my reader. My recent crush is The Daybook- a style (and not crafty) blog. My crafty blog crush would probably be No Big Dill.

  24. laurel says:

    ooh – i like the truedat…. and i’ve discovered cluck, cluck sew recently….

  25. Sara says:

    Ooh the True Dat is a beautiful set – and I have added Dana-made-it. com to my weekly blog reading this year.

  26. Sandy says:

    I’d love the Ginger! One of my favorite blogs this year is

  27. karoliinahv says:

    that truedat really is great; my new favourite blog is mummysam at

  28. Missy says:

    I really like the Ginger. I’m usually a bright fabrics girl, but that pile really intrigued me. My fav blog this year is I just started sewing seriously this summer and her patterns really helped me out

  29. Kati S. says:

    I’d love the TruDat pile. There are some fun fabrics in there.

  30. Deanna says:

    I have too many favorite new blogs! Anything with sewing and kids. I guess PrudentBaby.

  31. Maya says:

    I would like to win the TruDat bundle. Is it cheating to say Sew Mama Sew as my favorite blog? Cause I love reading it.

  32. sarah says:

    I love adding new blogs too…True up was a 2009 find for me too so I’m hoping for that prize. Other good ones I’ve discovered through SMS is “Film in the Fridge” and “cluck cluck sew” Thanks for the great giveaway!

  33. Heather says:

    I would love the scraps of fabric in your last pic!
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  34. Victoria says:

    Loving the Tru Dat bundle because a quilting friend was just asking where to get the tree bark fabric and I would love to give it to her. I have bookmarked The Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild blog because I love our new group!

  35. June says:

    I love the TruDat!

    and the best blog I’ve added in (all of) 2010 is I just love her stuff!

  36. Callie says:

    I’d pick the The “TruDat”
    And have you checked out ? I know I’m late to the party, but she’s my new favorite.

  37. Alice says:

    I’d love the Ginger! I’m afraid I don’t use a blog reader, so I can’t recommend anything, sorry.

  38. ktquilts says:

    I love the Tru Dat! Thanks!

    Merry Christmas!

  39. Tru Dat! :) I started following Cluck, Cluck, Sew and Film in the Fridge. I love those blogs!

  40. Pauline says:

    I’d love to add ‘The TruDat’ to my stash. Thanks for the chance!!

  41. TracyDK says:

    I think the Mich is the one for me. I’m not sure about making a poncho for my 2 year old, however, I would make him a lap throw for the car. That would be awesome for winter time. :)

    As far as new blogs in 2010, I love Ginger. I read her blog faithfully. :) I also love Oh, Fransson.

  42. Lisa says:

    I love the TruDat collection of fabrics. I am new to blogs, I have been reading a bunch of them, but definetly Sew Mama Sew.

  43. alison says:

    They are all great prizes I’d happily have any! My fave blog I’ve found this year is prudent baby.

  44. Shannon says:

    Have had so much fun cruising blogs today on Giveaway Day! TruDat for me pollease! -S

  45. Rachel Lynn says:

    I’m liking TruDat. My favorite new (to me) blog is

  46. Melanie T says:

    Oh my. TruDat for sure. I have been reading all the books by Kaffe and have been dying to get some of his fabric. Thank you for the chance…
    Oh, and I found Cluck, Cluck, Sew. Great giveaway!

  47. Ana says:

    Love that Ginger prize! Been adding new blogs to my reader all year (nearly too many to read now!) – one of my favourites is Tree Fall at Thanks for shipping internationally!

  48. Kacey says:

    trudat! i just started sewing this year, so sew mama sew! was a new find for me in 2010.

  49. Limor says:

    I’d love to win the third prize. I’ve added so many blogs to my “read” list this year, but I still have my regular favorites (Pioneer Woman, Grosgrain Fabulous, and Cake Wrecks).

  50. baukje says:

    I am going for the first fabric pile….. A new blog that I found this year is eleono, she is belge….

  51. Angie says:

    I would take the “big ass pile” of fabric, if you please!!! I don’t really have a favorite blog….I have found so many great ones lately, it takes me over and hour every morning to see what additions have been made to them!!

  52. Cath says:

    Wow, wonderful stuff !!! so inspiring ! i don’t mind which one I win, as long as I win… Pleaaaaaase !!!! Already have so much iddeas for those lovely fabrics : bags, sweater, baby stuff… argh ! that’s too nice ! thanks !

  53. Love the TrueDat prize. My favorite blog is It makes me drool!

  54. Kristy says:

    I love the TruDat pile.

    I only stated reading blogs this year so they are all new to me but I click on Kate Conklin Designs, Lady Harvatine as soon as they pop up in my reader

  55. Sanja Zubia says:

    I love polar fleece!

  56. Allison Brake says:

    One of my favorite blogs is Cluck Cluck Sew. I would love the Trudat bundle! Thanks for the giveaway!

  57. Kristin says:

    Ohhh! I like TruDat! My favorite blog I added to my reader this year is

  58. kathy h says:

    I think the ginger would be my pick. I was just talking to someone about fall colors and how much I like them and there was your fabric. Thanks for the chance to win.
    I have discovered so many new blogs in the past week but sew mama sew has me returning just about every day.

  59. Aimee says:

    I’m going with TrueDat & my favorite New Blog is Stash Manicure

  60. Vanessa says:

    I would love all the three prizes! But if I have to choose, then I take “The Ginger”.
    I have added a lot of sewing blogs to my list in 2010… cause it is this year that I started reading them at all! But of course, I wouldn’t be here without Sew Mama Sew, a wonderful blog full of wonderful ideas!

  61. Jessica Hosey-Heitzman says:

    I love the “tru dat” collection, the fabrics are perfect for the projects i am about to start! I love sew mama sew as well, i have read every tutorial and considered a bunch of different patterns!

  62. consuelo says:

    I’ll go with the Trudat. And one new blog I just found today that I’m looking forward to following is amyscreativeside. Thanks.

  63. Jessy says:

    Ha! I love the way you categorized and named your prizes. I am in love with the TruDat. I see some faux bois AND some neptune. How can you go wrong? I have added a ton of bloggers to my reader in 2010, but probably one of my most favourites is Art is Hard. You might appreciate this since she is localish to you. A friend of a friend working her way through a design degree at Sheraton College. I am from Burlington originally so I love finding other Ontario (or Canadian) bloggers. Check her out at:

  64. Mindy says:

    I’d use that Polar Fleece! Great giveaways–thanks for the chance to win!
    I like reading a TON of new blogs…Visions of Sugar Plums and Thornberry are two great ones. Too many to think of them all!
    justforthis917 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  65. noell says:

    I like the tru-dat! My favorite new to me blog is the crafty crow!

  66. EG says:

    I gotta go with “the ginger”

  67. TruDat! Gosh I’ve found sooo many. Flamingo toes – I check it all the time! :)

  68. TruDat is totally speaking to me. As for my blog list one of the most recent ones I follow is Dallas Clayton’s blog. He’s so inspiring to me and it’s a lift to find his posts pop up on my google reader.

  69. Aileen says:

    Oh, I’m going to have to say Trudat. I also love true up! My latest blig to follow is Rex Pepper quilts.

  70. Mary J says:

    “The Ginger” – who wouldn’t want a big-ass pile of fabric!! I think it’s great… and my new favorite blog…. A Crafter’s Crafter! you have a great style! Love it!

  71. Annie says:

    I love the Truedat selection! As for my favorite new blog, I might say Grosgain, her little tweaks and knockoffs are just fabulous. Thanks for the giveaway!

  72. Jennifer says:

    I’d love to win the “true dat” pile. So pretty! My favorite blog that I’ve added this year is Cluck, Cluck, Sew. She sews such beautiful quilts!

  73. Stephanie says:

    Ooooo tough one here! I love Ginger :) She’s beautiful… but TruDat could teach me a thing or 2 about fabric!! My favorite blog that I added is LOVE it :) Thanks for this amazing giveaway!!

  74. Jenny says:

    i love the third pile. tru dat!
    i like SewTakeAHike…have you seen penny’s blog? its fun!

  75. Pam T. says:

    I love the Ginger pile! Naming a favorite blog/blogger is really a tough one. I think I must follow well over 100, not all at once, of course! I suppose I could choose Noodlehead, Oh, Fransson! and Freckled Whimsy as ones that I regularly read.

  76. Tara says:

    I like True Up.

    I read a lot of blogs but I like and Make It and Love IT.

  77. Kate says:

    I’d love the Tru Dat prize pack!

    And I love

  78. Debbie says:

    I love that big stack of Cottons (TruDat)

    One of my new favourite blogs is Cluck Cluck Sew. I have recently started reading quilting blogs and I enjoy her blog.

  79. Kate says:

    I love the True Dat bundle. I have a lot of quilting blogs I love, but I think my favorite added this year is a family friend’s new blog, with lots of photos of their gorgeous kids :)

  80. Margaret says:

    Tru Dat, fo sho. I added comfortstitching, and after reading this post, I think I’m going to add yours. :-) Thanks! mcglen8 (at) gmail (dot) com

  81. Mary says:

    Guess with all of the weiner dogs in our family I would have to choose that one. Favorite new blog this year??? Wow….that is tough. I love Wanda’s work at Exuberant Color.

  82. Shirley says:

    The Ginger would be fun. One of the new blogs from this year is

  83. Alisa says:

    I would pick “TruDat” and my favorite new blog I added this year is sewmamasew!

  84. Charlotte says:

    I love the trudat fabrics … and rather boringly I have to say that the sewmamsew blog has really got me inspired this year

  85. little bird in a beehive says:

    oh what a wonderful giveaway.. who doesn’t love an exciting collection of fabric.. i’d love the tru dat pile :)
    as for my favourite blog.. i’ve LOVED exploring aand finding so many new ones, but my fav would have to be creativekismet or how about orange.. i can’t choose really!

    incase I win :) my email is

  86. Samantha H. says:

    I think the “TruDat” would be my pick. I really like Make It and Love It …. just found it a few months ago and fell in love.

  87. Heidi says:

    I have so many favorite blogs – Craftster, A Whimsical Bohemian, The Inspiring Adventures of Always Inspired, Faster KittyKill Blog Blog, Ruffles & Stuff, CraftGossip, Sew Mama Sew, and so many others are my regular reads.

    I would choose that first prize pack of lovely fabrics. I see some interesting patterns in there that I would love to work with.

    Holiday Hugs from your friend to the north (at least 200 Tim Horton’s locations away from Toronto in northern ON),

    • Michelle says:

      Cool – I haven’t heard of quite a few of those. Thanks for the list!
      How far north are you – these days 200 Tim’s north would barely get you to Barrie! :)
      Happy holidays!

  88. Tracey says:

    Okay i’d have to pick the “The “TruDat”” pack. Love that selection!

    And one of my favourite new blogs that i’ve added to my “must read” list this year is:

    I love reading about her adventures with her girls, not to mention she makes tons of amazing things, those girls are clearly the best dressed all the time!

  89. Anne Simonot says:

    I would love to win the TruDat! Oh, who can pick just one quilty/crafty blog? One that I discovered this year that Iove is Check it out.

  90. Deborah says:

    Tru Dat is my favorite! The third prize. Favorite craft blog of 2010 . . . Tea Rose Home (

    I’m participating in the Sew, Mama, Sew Giveaway Day! I hope you have time to stop over and enter my giveaway at

    Merry Christmas!

    Homemaker Honey
    homemakerhoney @gmail .com

  91. Arabella says:

    Woohoo! Great giveaway! I think my fav is the True Dat prize… I too love True up. One of my favourite new blogs for this year is…. I just love her new fabric!


  92. erin gwinn says:

    I love the misc. fabric bundle!

    One of my favorite blogs of 2010 has to be Aesthetic Outburst. It’s a fun one!

  93. Greeblygreebly says:

    They’re all so good! I think I will pick The Mich as it is sooo cold here right now and we can use all the polar fleece we can get! I fear The Mich may be feeling left out, don’t know about anyone else but I can’t see The Mich’s picture.

  94. Megan says:

    I’m a “Tru-Dat” girl all the way. Completely obsessed with Japanese fabrics and I LOVE True Up! My fave blog added this year has to be Pink Penguin. Thanks for the chance to win!

  95. Mandy says:

    I would really like the TruDat pile. One of my fave blogs I have added this year is

    mandy dot ueda at gmail dot com

  96. Kate says:

    Oh, yeah! TrueDat! My current favorite quilt blog is

  97. beingvfox says:

    I love the the trudat selection

  98. Barbara says:

    TruDat…. I have added a bunch of wonderful blogs to my blog roll…..Quilt times is wonderful, Average quilter is a new blog out there….

  99. Barb M says:

    Well – My favorite has to be the TruDat…it’s beautiful.

    Favorite blog so far (I’ve only followed blogs for a month…I won’t tell you how many I have already!) is Shim & Sons…her work has a design sense that I think is quite elegant.

    Thanks for the giveaway

  100. greta says:

    true dat is awsome, i want that one!

    Hmm…blog i’ve added this year… I used to just pull it up manually every day b/c there are easily like 20-30 posts PER DAY, but then I realized that for about 6 months I wasn’t reading it and I think I lost a lot of awesome decorating/organizing ideas; so i’ve broken down and added it.

  101. Hello from Victoria, BC!! I love the TruDat fabric…just gorgeous stuff!! thanks so much for throwing my name into your give away hat!! I have my fingers crossed!! Take care and thank you!

  102. I’ll go with The Mich… because my daughter could use some new mittens :)

    I love the blog Schwin and Schwin– awesome tutorials!!


  103. orinoco14 says:

    I love the “Tru dat”

    A favorite blog for the year…Smitten Kitchen (a cooking blog, shhhh).

    orinoco14 at yahoo dot com

  104. Bronwyn says:

    I’d love either the Ginger or TruDat. They both are beautiful!

  105. hilary says:

    Tru dat, please – they’re all so lovely! I’m a big fan of Ruth Reichl’s blog – it’s not crafty, but she’s such a good writer and I love reading about food!

  106. Alissa says:

    Ooh, I like either the “The Ginger” or “TruDat”…whichever would work best for a seamstress (I don’t quilt)
    One of my favorite blogs that I added this year is

  107. sharmie says:

    it’s so hard to choose! maybe i’ll just list them in order of preference…

    1. the third one
    2. the first one
    3. the second one

    if that makes any sense! thanks for this great giveaway

    supersharmie at gmail dot com

  108. deborah says:

    my fave blog is soule mama!

    i would love the ‘true dat’ prize — i LOVE all those fabrics.

    thanks so much!

  109. Johanna says:

    Ah, Michelle, I love the TruDat! And I think that I have subscribed to TrueUp this year. However, I think that the most inspiring blog I decided to follow was Fat Quarterly.
    Thank you for the chance and merry christmas to you!

  110. Brooke says:

    All seem nice, but I really like the Ginger. I am a huge fan of vintagy stuff, and it looks like some stuff I could use to make my boys something!
    A blog I added in 2010 that I really like is Imagine Childhood blog. It is a kids store also with great stuff, but their blog has some really great ideas for kids too.
    There really is a ton out there though!

  111. Valerie says:

    I like the TrueDat.

  112. Catherine says:

    I love the Ginger (and the others) and the blog I have just started following is Cubits Organic Living.

  113. Holly says:

    I would pick the TruDat prize of cottons.
    Love, love, love

  114. omg! i would LOVE the Tru Dat prize!! but I am checking otu those other website since I’ll bet michelle isn’t too far from me in LA :)

  115. kellyroman says:

    The Ginger would be my choice of prizes and Made by Rae is one blog I really enjoy!

  116. Tawny says:

    I like prize number 2. Who doesn’t need more fleece?

    My favourite blog this year would have to be All Work and No Play Makes Mommy Go Something Something…

    Here’s the link:

    A cool Canadian blog about a mommy and her wonderful family. Full of humour and awesomeness!

  117. Susan Brooks says:

    I really liked the TRuDat.
    I live north of Boston Ma and give up hanging laundry outside until the sun comes back from where ever it is. Takes two whole days of no clouds to dry t-shirts.
    Susan B

  118. Mimi says:

    I live in Northwestern Ontario – way up in the boonies! This morning we had a wind chill factor of minus 43 degrees Celsius!! That is dang cold! TruDat would be my most favorite bundle. Thanks for the chance!!

  119. Carol in E TN says:

    Ginger! I shop thrift stores too! My newest favorite blog is

  120. Vivian says:

    I pick the Tune Up! A blog I’ve enjoyed reading this past year belongs to Krista over at Poppyprint.

  121. Vanessa says:

    Love the Ginger Pack! Probably my favorite blog is SewMamaSew. Thanks for the chance to win some great fabrics

  122. carol bowen says:

    I love the tru Dat fabric. I have many favorite blogs, but I guess pokadot pineapple is my favorite. (today)

  123. reenie says:

    Tru Dat is the one for me! My fave new blog I have added is Stash Manicure. thanks so much for offering this generous giveaway and Merry Christmas!

  124. Andi says:

    Creative giveaway! Hmmm….tough choice but I think I’ll have to pick TruDat. I laughed at your comment about the poor winter light, because I think the same thing every time I take a picture lately (I live in Canada too – New Brunswick, although I was born and raised in the GTA.) My favourite new blog isn’t about fabric, but food and photography (and just a whole lot of fun).

  125. Evangeline S. says:

    I really could have fun with the last “true dat” bit.

  126. Oh I love the look of the last picture! There are so many wonderful blogs out there but one of my faves is SKip to my Lou. I love all the tutorials! I’m also giving away today!

  127. Sertyan says:

    I love the Trudat bundle. I love

  128. Denise says:

    I’d say either the first or last set of fabrics. As I tend to only use fleece for kid quilt backings [which fortunately, for the time being, I’m done with]

    My fav blog – as of now – is Lady Harvantine [which i’m sure I spelt wrong! lol]


  129. Michele says:

    Okay first off, what an amazing giveaway! Wow I am in for the Ginger, no two ways about that!

    Second, hey a fellow Canadian! So nice to meet other Canuck bloggers! This Sew, Mama, Sew thing is madness isn’t it? It’s my first time! What a blast!

    Well you take care and have yourself a fabulous Christmas!

  130. jane says:

    the Trudat!

  131. Corley says:

    True Up looks like it would be alot of fun. My favorite new blog is actually Cluck.Cluck.Sew. I just started quilting this year and have added about 2 dozen sewing blogs!

  132. Em Komiskey says:

    My fav? The big ass pile of fabric. Why? Because I like surprises, and it’s random, so to get something like that in the mail would be such a fun surprise.

    I really just started exploring the craft blogging world this year, so I think all of them in my reader were added this year. Can’t pick just one. Red Fish Circle? Old Red Barn co? No Big Dill? Made?

  133. Katy says:

    Fellow Canuck here :) I am loving the “tru dat” :) And a fave blog… I will have to say Epbot… speaks to the girl geek in me :)

  134. KT says:

    My fave is the TruDat prize. One of my fave blogs is Stash Manicure–love seeing everyone’s ideas! Thanks for the chance to win!

  135. Wow! I just adore TruDat! My fave new blog is definitely Jaybird Quilts!

  136. christy says:

    h aha — you totally make me LAUGH!!! i am just finding blogs and am marking them all as favourites… list is so long I may never find them all again!!! but seriously— love the angry chicken and soulemama! will come see you again too!

    i love the ginger…why ? vintage stuff rocks and my granny’s horse was named ginger.

    ps my kids are wild and sick right now too…i really should be crafting (or trying to sleep) now that they are down but this give away stuff is fantastic!

    christy on the other side of canada!!

  137. Jody says:

    I’d have to pick TruDat. My favorite blogs are the Stories from A to Z by Beth Hunter & Knock-off Wood by Ana White.

  138. Nikki Rainey says:

    Tru Dat looks awesome. I have only been blogging for about a year now. Once I stubled on them I thought it was a great idea nd I jumped right in. Moda Bake shop is one of my favorites. psiquilt is another favorite.

  139. Something looks familiar about the “big-ass” pile of fabric. Maybe it’s the name…grin.

    I have many favorite blog, but have enjoyed the quilt alongs on Moose on the Porch!

  140. erica says:

    thanks for the giveaway
    My favorite is the Tru Dat pattern
    the blog i have been surfing often this year is

  141. Kathy G. says:

    TruDat would be my favorite of your items. Thanks for a chance to win. My favorite blog added to my reader this year is Vegancraftastic!!!

  142. Natasha Moes says:

    Oh, any of them would be sweet!

  143. Marybeth says:

    Hi! Please put my name on “The Ginger!” Thank you!

  144. Cat says:

    The “TruDat” please! My favorite I added this year . . . probably Made

  145. Susanne says:

    Lovely! Sign me up for the “big-ass” pile of Ginger fabrics :-) I’m just outside of T.O. and was griping about the lousy light situation just yesterday. And my rotary blade needs replacing too. Boo. Plus I think my Google reader is going to explode. I got hooked on the New Dress A Day blog this year, and now that her year is up, I can’t wait to see what she’s going to be up to! Thanks for the chance to win.

    • Michelle says:

      Yeah, I know eh? I think I’m going to have to build a wee lightbox for the winter season that looms ahead…
      I’m loving the New Dress A Day too – she had a great interview on CraftyPod a while ago.

  146. MoeWest says:

    I pick the TruDat please. I just discovered blogs this year and there are so many good ones. I follow True Up too. You must check these two out: and

  147. Leah says:

    Thanks for a fantastic giveaway! I’d love to win the “TruDat”!
    I’m a new quilter & just about all of the sewing blogs I’ve added to my reader in 2010 are new! Sew Mama Sew is one of them! :)

  148. Henrietta says:

    I hope you all feel better soon!

    I like Tru Dat best but they are all very nice. On eof my favorite new blogs this year is very funny stuff!

  149. Tina H says:

    Hee Hee Hee…what a great, fun find you’ve been tonight. “Just keepin’ it real?” Love it when you run across someone so down to earth that they just sparkle with joy. I have to admit I like the homely little messy piles in the first offering. They look like they’re ready to go off somewhere and become a loved item or two. I don’t know how to quilt, exactly, really new to all this but I have been playing with art dolls. And, ya just can’t leave ’em naked, right? Maybe itsy bitsy quilted skirts or something? I could maybe pull that off! Thanks so much for making me smile tonight. Tina

  150. tanya says:

    well – i am a self taught sewist(? sewer just seems wrong) and I googled how to make baby dress and found tow insiring blogs luvinthemommyhood and prudent baby. Both so wonderful – they have lead me into this wonderful world of craft/sewing blogs!
    thanks for the give aways

  151. Mama Lusco says:

    The Ginger! I’ve really loved reading From An Igloo for her great kids clothing tutes. THanks!

  152. Melissa says:

    I’d love to win TruDat! Thank you for the giveaway!
    My favorite blog is Elizabeth is one of my favorite quilt designers.

  153. Girl after my own heart. THe big ass bundle is the way I like to work. Every piece of fabric deserves to shine. My new blog sit is Stash Manicure – features many different guest bloggers who have exposed me to so many different areas of quilting and fabrics.

  154. Edwina Shwedyk says:

    Love the first pile; perfect colours for some projects I have coming up. I think one of the blogs I’ve most enjoyed is From an Igloo, another Cdn crafting blog.

  155. meg dolan says:

    I like the wiener dog tricks:) I just started cooking recipes from Smitten kitchen. Thanks for the opportunity!

  156. Leslie Schmidt says:

    I would love the TruDat bunch of fabrics. I have found so many neat blogs this year, since I’m new at this, but my favorite is Happy Zombie. She cracks me up all the time. Thanks for the chance.

  157. Genevieve says:

    I love the TruDat!

    Love this blog:


  158. victoria says:

    My fav is the Tru dat pkg, yumminess!! My fav blog since 2009, Blackberry Creek Home Arts. She is a dear quilting woman.

  159. Robyn says:

    The kimono scraps in the Ginger steal the show for me.
    I’ve found a fair number of blogs whose authors think and write about quilting in terms of math, science and creativity. They make my nerdy heart happy. :D

  160. violeta says:

    I love the TruDat. My favourite blog is

  161. Ellen says:

    I like True Dat, and my fave blog has been Oh Fransson!

  162. jackie m. says:

    Love the Tru dAT. SMS also one of my favorites..great giveaway!

  163. njeri says:

    I love the dru dat (funny name)

  164. I love “true dat” and my favourite new blog is :P

  165. Pamela Pino says:

    I love trudat, and my new favorite blog is amy creative side

  166. Deb says:

    I am loving the TruDat bundle! I recently found Habit
    and it is very beautiful and moving…I love all the comments – nothing to do with sewing I have about 100 sewing blogs in my reader but nothing like Habit, I love it!

  167. mara nolan says:

    i like the first prize. my favorite is asimplelife

  168. Morgan says:

    TruDat, please! Those fabrics are so beautiful :) I just found Esch House Quilts during this week’s giveaway. I don’t even quilt, but the ideas are amazing. I’ll use them on clothes. Or just to drool over. Thanks and happy holidays!

  169. MJ says:

    I love the TruDat pile!

    2 of my favorite blogs are Gertie’s
    and Male Pattern Boldness

    I just started using Google Reader to follow blogs a few months ago, so I am looking for great suggestions too :)

    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  170. Katie says:

    TruDat makes my heart skip a little. I found SO MANY new blogs to read this year and choosing just one is so hard but here it is:

    Thanks for the lovely giveaway!

  171. Anya says:

    I think I’d take True Dat…thanks for the chance!
    One of my favorite blogs is Leah Day’s 365 Days of Free Motion Quilting Designs!

  172. lucy says:

    the polar fleece looks yummy! i have a baby hat pattern I’ve been wanting to try. As for favorite new blogs added to my reader, Sew Mama Sew sure is one of them!

  173. Amy says:

    I love the TruDat collection. One of my new favorite crafty blogs to read is I feel like I’m friends with her just from reading her blog. She posts cute ideas and stuff she’s made or found. Love it!

  174. cadamsworship says:

    I just started surfing the web for crafty ideas a few months ago, and so far my favorite blog is the sew mama sew one. I love tutorials, because I really don’t know what I’m doing most of the time – I just throw stuff together and see if it works!
    I really like the Ginger package, since I’m new to sewing I’m just beginning to make a fabric stash. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  175. I would have to go for the TruDat set!!! Thanks for the chance!

  176. ty-blimunda says:

    I’m in love with the The TruDat! I love to check sewmamasew and oneprettything as often as I can. thanks for the chance! Ty

  177. robin says:

    I’d like the last prize, please. And thank you. ;o) I’ve added LOTS of blogs to my list recently. A favorite would be

  178. Fabi says:

    I like the “tru dat” nice collection there. Iam new reading blogs this year so I’ve found lots of good ones. thanks for the chance.

  179. Jingle says:

    These are pretty fabulous bundles, I gotta say! I am going to go with ‘The Ginger’ as I LOVE to upcycle fabric and do it all the time and thought of some fabulous pieces discovered by another crafter is just too FABULOUS! thanks for a super fun giveaway! I love your blogging style! Just say’n.
    jinglesells at gmail dot com

  180. mab says:

    I also love reading Ginger’s blog! She makes such fabulous stuff. That’s a great bundle, too! I also like the Tru Dat bundle — there’s some prints in there I’ve been wanting. So, I’m breaking the rules and choosing not to choose. :) Either of these are fabulous and if I win, I’ll take a surprise! :)

    Thanks for the chance to enter!


  181. Joanna says:

    I love the TruDat bundle – what a great collection of varied but coordinating fabrics. My favorite new (to me) blog is Handmade By Alissa; I don’t know how it took me so long to find her.

  182. Jorie says:

    I would love a chance at the Tru Dat prize!

    My favorite craft blog is Traceyjay!

  183. Jennifer says:

    Tru dat is awesome! But would be grateful to win any of them.

    Quilting for the rest of us is my favorite blog….

  184. Carla G says:

    I would pick the “TruDat” as I like working with cottons… I don’t have a favorite blog yet, as I’m new to the blogger world…but I’ve seen some really neat blogs today ~ such as yours! Thank you for the chance to win. :)

  185. Teresa says:

    I’d love to win the Tru Dat. One of my favorite blogs is Stray Stitches.

  186. Laila Porter says:

    If I have to choose one it would be the “trudat”, but you have chosen lovely fabric for all three! The blog I have learned the most from this year is I actually started a tiny quilt for my son because of her wonderful directions.
    Thanks for the chance to win some lovely fabric!

  187. Maroesja says:

    I would pick TruDat. I can’t tell you which is my favorite I added this year, because I’ve only visited maybe 1 third of al participants ;) I try not to add too many new blogs (otherwise there won’t be any time left for crafting myself ;) ), but that’s very hard.

  188. Karen says:

    I would love to win the cottons in the third prize!

    Almost Crafty is a new to me blog that I just added today.

    Happy holidays!

  189. Marci Girl says:

    I would love to win “Tru Dat!” What is a blog I love that I have added this year? Anna Maria Horner, and most recently Made by Rae! Great giveaway!

    From the “Who Dat” nation in Louisiana!
    marcijdebetaz (at) hotmail {dotcom}

  190. Bonnie says:

    I would love to win anyone of the gifts, but my choice would be TruDat bundle
    please enter my name in your drawing, thank you, ladycolmn(at)aol(dot)com
    FL, USA

  191. I’d like TruDat, some great fabrics for the boy there. Speaking of which, Celebrate the Boy month on MADE and Made By Rae introduced me to the world of craft blogging, and now I’m blogging myself. They are my must-reads and my inspiration. Now off to see what inspiration I can find here…

  192. Cherie says:

    Hi, love your attitude! I’d really enjoy the True Up, with the variety of fabrics and prints. Contemplate how to use them!

  193. Cid says:

    Such wonderful fabrics. I am always looking for something unusual for my sewing projects. Thank you.

  194. craftytammie says:

    i’d love to win true dat! and I have a bit of a girl crush on ginger too – she’s awesome! i am liking this (new to me) blog aunt june.

  195. Liz says:

    I would love “trudat”
    My favourite blog i’ve added in 2010 would have to be noodleheads!

  196. Diana says:

    I would choose the TruDat fabrics. And my favorite new blog of the last year is

  197. Patty says:

    I would like to win any of the choices you have. One of my favorite blogs is The Painted Quilt. Kaaren has move recently but she is extremely talented, loves to work with wool and created some wonderful designs.

  198. Tessa says:

    Favourite blog is Elizabeth Hartman’s at Oh Fransson: (BTW, you can tell I’m Canadian because favourite has a U.) I found you through Sew Mama Sew and will definitely be back.

    Of the fabric prizes, I love the “Tru Dat” pile!


  199. Tanya Barrett says:

    I like the Tru Dat, and one of my favourite blogs is “Made By Joel’ !

  200. Alli says:

    My favorite pile is TruDat… the other two look wonderful, but I’m such a beginning quilter that I haven’t branched out of cottons, yet.

    My favorite new blog this year is Patrick Rothfuss’s ( — he wrote a book I really liked.

  201. Jasmine says:

    Oh, The Ginger looks like my kind of prize, thrift store and yard sale junkie that I am :).

  202. Ok, hard to pick which one, but I am going to go with Ginger

  203. Paula says:

    I love the Trudat bundle! My favourite blog is Oh Fransson! I did her Tokyo Subway Quilt this year – I still have to finish it … Thank you for the giveaway and happy holidays!

  204. Kelsey Rose says:

    I like the TruDat prize package.

    My favorite blog I’ve added in 2010 (aka since I’ve started following blogs…) is Oh Fransson!

  205. LB says:

    I’m also drawn to the TruDat collection!

    My favorite new blog is – where the caregivers at Best Friends animal sanctuary document the adventures of special needs animals in their care. It’s heartwarming and funny and just wonderful! Seriously addictive.

  206. Tricia says:

    I love the True Dat. My fave new blog this year is

  207. Becky says:

    I like your style, fun and quirky! :) I love the Tru Dat choice and thanks for the opportunity to win.

    I’ve added a few blogs to my reader this year due to giveaways and online show and tell days but one of my favorites is Film in the Fridge. I know others have said it but it’s a good one. On a “smaller” front, the Confused Quilter is one I like, too.

  208. crissy says:

    I really like “trudat” I haven’t really added any new blogs in 2010, I took a really long “blog break” earlier this year so this giveaway is the perfect opportunity to find some new keepers!

    please visit my giveaway if you get the chance!


  209. Jessica H says:

    I would love the TruDat! Thank you! My birthday is on the 17th so I would be extra excited to win :)!

  210. JenniferB says:

    I will pick “The Mich” and I have added lots of cool blogs- one of the being design sponge

  211. Sarag says:

    Can I enter even if I’m a cranky Western Canadian living in Quebec? … ;) I’m having a tough time deciding which pile of fabric is more amazingly peachy – one or three. I’d have to say three. By a hair. Two blogs I’ve enjoyed finding this year – Tiny Happy from New Zealand, and Mouse Notebook from England. I’ve been to New Zealand for four months of hiking, and am fascinated by England, so easy peasy to see why. Plus they sew lovely things and have interesting things to say.

    • Michelle says:

      I think that as a cranky Western Canadian living in QC should get TWO entries – just for dealing with QC winters (I cried last time I was in Mtrl in the winter it was so cold)!

  212. kristine says:

    I love the TrueDat. I also like Iammommahearmeroar, get blog for boy ideas!

  213. linda says:

    I would love to win the Ginger. Thanks for telling about her blog. I am off to check it out.

  214. Donna Joy says:

    Great bundles of fabric, I’d be happy with any of them, the first none is kind of a mystery, so that would be fun. Great blog, going back to read more, thanks for the fabric.

  215. kelly says:

    Oh How I love Ginger from Wiener Dog Tricks!!!! she’s the best, I look forward to her posts, speaking of which she’s been awful quiet lately hmmmm. I really like the True up pile, so enter me there, but Ginger is hands down the best blog I found in 2010!

  216. Dianne McLean says:

    My pick is True Dat. My favourite new blog is a fellow Canadian at Confessions of a Sewing Dork.
    jmclean at mts dot net

  217. Alyssa says:

    The ginger sounds very cool. I love Kimono fabrics.Thanks for the giveaway!

  218. Jane Poh says:

    I’d love The Ginger becos I love surprises and can’t really see all the pieces. I discovered No Big Dill this year.

  219. Jolene Pienaar says:

    Ooooh gorgeous!!! I love the first one the ‘ginger’ as a prize :) And one of my fav blogs for this year is

  220. Looks like I’m going with the crowd here, but yup, “TruDat” is my favorite bundle as well! So I just started blogging and reading blogs in 2010, so they’re ALL new adds for me this year! Let’s see…a favorite, but not obvious…(pausing to click over to my reader)…oooh, I really like Threaded Basil — crafting but also great recipes and music recommendations!

  221. dearmrsreese says:

    I’d love to win the first prize please. I enjoy reading Ginger’s blog as well. My favorite blog added to my reader in 2010 is She sews amazing clothes for herself.

  222. Kelly says:

    I like the last one the best – the TruDat bunch. One of my favorite blogs I added after last year’s giveaway is Thanks for participating in give aways! ~Kelly,

  223. Lindsay says:

    True Dat looks fabulous. You have a really entertaining blog–I’ll be adding it to my reader!

  224. Patty says:

    I’d pick TruDat if I won. One of my favorite blogs is Cluck Cluck Sew.

  225. Mary Haub says:

    Dang. I am not trolling for blogs this time around–faaaar too much going on and faaaaaar too little holiday break for it. FOR EXAMPLE I am coming to visit lovely Toronto in a couple of weeks with friends. WOO HOO! And that is why I stopped by your blog… But to answer your question, “truedat” works for me :-) And also I found Alisa Burke this year, and she is stellar. :-)

  226. Aleesha says:

    Loving ‘the ginger’ (but hoping my son’s hair stays blonde, random!)
    I always check up on nice local (to me) gal with an awesome sense of humor!

  227. Katie says:

    I love all the tutorials on Sew Mama Sew. Thanks for the chance!

  228. Katie says:

    I like the Ginger and Tru Dat!

  229. Shelly says:

    I’ll take prize package number 3, Bob. (That sounds like something you would have heard on Price is Right back in the day, right?) One of my new blogs this year was Craftiness is Optional. She makes cute things for her daughter who is about the same age as my daughter. Hooray for inspiration!

  230. Kelly O. says:

    love love love your “tru dat” pile! so generous!
    I also am Canadian!
    I’ve been loving the blog Cluck, Cluck, Sew this year

    I think this is a GREAT giveaway!
    Merry Christmas!

  231. Citra says:

    Yay !! Great choices, It’s tough to choose but I finally choose TruDat :D
    I’m new to this blog world. I just started to blog 8 months ago
    If you ask me what is my go-to-read blog of this year, I’ll answer Grossgrain Fabulous
    I hope I can win


  232. Sarita says:

    thanks for the awesome fabrics in the giveaway, and thanks especially for all the great links up above! i’m excited to check out that 20-in-20 ornaments thing.
    i’d pick the third option first, and then the first option second.
    i most peruse recipe blogs, and other blogs just as an off-an-on whenever they catch my fancy. some fun ones are,,, and
    For a sewing-related blog, is always good for inspiration (and it is HUGE).
    more than any blogs, though, i spend my websurfing time reading webcomics: a new one from this year (and one of my very favorites, ever) is Also, and
    thanks for the opportunity to win! :)

    sarita0818 at comcast dot net

  233. Izza says:

    Love the The “TruDat” bundle. My current fav blog is prudent baby. full of superb tutorial

  234. Meredith says:

    My choice would be true dat. Added a favorite blog it would be a brit in tennessee.

  235. I love the TruDat pile, its fab. I know what you mean about Sew Mama Sew giveaway being a great way to find new blogs to read. I’ve added several already today. Most of my favorite blogs are knitting types, but Oh, Fransson is one of my favorite sewing blogs. If you don’t mind a bit of woolly goodness then is great as is

  236. So hard to pick! As a newbie to sewing I’ve a sad excuse for a stash and so could definitely find room for trudat or Ginger…or the fleece even! I’ve found so many wonderful blogs, this one here I loved the idea of getting some personalised stamps made for my kids –

  237. Helle S. says:

    Would love to win the Tru Dat. One of my favorite blogs is Artfabrik by Laura W.
    Happy Holidays!
    Warm regards, Helle (

  238. PeachRainbow says:

    I love the “TruDat”!
    one lovely blog i added this year is Happy Zombie.
    Thanks for the chance :)

  239. Claire says:

    I would love TruDat! I had a hard time deciding between that and the ginger though. I’m pretty new to the quilting/crafty blog world, but the blog that I found first was Oh, Fransson! I love all of her quilting tutorials!

  240. Dianna says:

    I like TruDat. My favorite blog is Sunshines Creations. Thanks for sharing.

  241. Sarah says:

    I’d like the “Tru dat” fabric! Great giveaway by the way!
    I joined Sew Mama Sew this year.

  242. Ciel says:

    True Dat! I love the true up all about fabrics blog as I love looking at gorgeous fabrics!

  243. Paulina says:

    Hi, just recently I added to my list. As i can see I’ll find here some interesting posts about quilting. Second blog is the one I recommend to anybody who like embroidery. It’s Mary’s Corbet
    As for the give-away you offer I’d choose The “TruDat” collection, as I like the colors you put there. Thanks!

  244. Chiska says:

    I love the ginger! Clover and Violet.

  245. shespinssheknitsshesews says:

    I’d go for the Ginger!! Lovely giveaway. This year I added Making More with Less to my blogroll.

  246. Joyce says:

    true dat or ginger
    my favorite new blog is Sewmamasew

  247. Anne says:

    Ooo, put me down for The Ginger! One of my recently bookmarked blogs is Dottie Angel: Pure eye candy!

  248. Jerimi says:

    I love the Ginger, and how it was inspired. Good stuff.

    My favorite blog of this last year is:

    Posts are few but well thought out. She’s got real passion about the environment, and amazing photography.

    jerimi (at) threecatlimit (dot) come

  249. Tara A says:

    The Ginger pile looks fun :)
    My fave new blog is Small Things (by Ginny) , thanks

  250. stacy says:

    tru dat! what a fun collection of prints. the first one also caught my eye. it was a hard decision :) fave new blog: Noodlehead. until this year i was unaware of its existence. now i check it daily!

  251. Amanda says:

    I love the Tru Dat bundle!!

    My favorite new blog this year is probably “Noodlehead” – such fun to read!

  252. Oh my what to choose, I can come up with all kinds of things for each!!! I guess I will pick the Ginger! And my new favorite blog (Probably b/c we are moving) is

  253. Janet says:

    Since I just started blogging this past summer I’ve picked up all my hundreds of blogs in 2010. One I just found recently that I’m enjoying is The Q and the U. I like bundle number 1 or bundle number 3. Not much of a fleece person. Thanks for a chance at your great giveaway.

  254. Michelle says:

    Thanks for the giveaway. I would love to win the TruDat. My favourite new blog of this year is Michele made me.

  255. Jennifer says:

    I like TruDat. My favorite new blog is Ginny at small things. Thanks for the giveaway!

  256. Holly U says:

    Love the way you phrase all this! Either cotton pile would be awesome.

    I love Geninne’s Art Blog. Sure wish I could draw like that!

  257. I wanna say the TruDat, because I am also a thrift store shopper and the scrap queen of my guild, so new fabrics would be a novelty in my stash. If I were staying true to my roots, I’d say the Ginger. But, true to my indecisive Libra nature, I really can’t decide! Either? (both? There I go, trying to push the envelope!) No really, I guess I prefer the TruDat, but if I won, I’d be happy with anything. And one of my new-to-me favorite blogs is

  258. Candace says:

    I am loving ‘the Ginger’ please. My favorite blog is Luvinthemommyhood – at the moment anyways – I can relate for sure to her life right now. Thanks for the giveaway!

  259. Martina says:

    I love the Ginger bundle! Thanks so much for the give away! My favourite blog added in 2010 is Just love her creations!

  260. Vicki says:

    I love the bottom pile… but I also need, need! the pink print in the top group. :)

  261. Lixa says:

    I like the TruDat!
    In 2010, I’ve added SewMamaSew to my blog list, a great decision!

  262. Jiaying says:

    Haha, I love how you name the prizes. Please put me in for the TrueDat. :)

    My favorite blog I added this year is A bit of this and a bit of that ( I love crafts (making soft things) and I have a 3 year old daughter with whom we do Montessori with. And this blog fits the bill so perfectly.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  263. Shawna says:

    the TruDat bundle!
    I enjoy SewLiberated and mayamade

  264. Shawna says:

    the TruDat bundle looks amazing!
    I enjoy SewLibarated and MayaMade

  265. Jenn M says:

    I love the materials in the “TruDat”, and my new favorite blog is the Maternal Lens!

  266. Erin says:

    I noticed a lot of folks have already mentioned Film in the Fridge, but I also like Oh Fransson!, Made by Alissa, and a la mode fabrics. Heather (at a la mode) regularly makes me laugh and has introduced me to a ton of great other crafters. I highly recommend all of these.

  267. Emily says:

    Love the “Ginger”. This year I finally started reading the blog of a close friend who puts me to shame with her sewing prowess- how does she do it with kids at home!?!

  268. My favorite is the Ginger pack. Love the vintage project.

    My favorite new (to me) blog of the year is Banzai Aphrodite. She’s not a sewer, but she’s so much fun to read.

  269. Rachel says:

    True Dat looks awesome! My favorite new blog is Thanks for the giveaway!

  270. Christie says:

    The Ginger would be awesome to win, thank you for the chance!
    I’m currently loving “Sewing in No Mans Land”, new on my reader this year.

  271. Eve says:

    I added Happy Zombie to my reader and I like true dat. Thanks for participating in the giveaway.

  272. desiree says:

    I love the blog: and I also love your prize #3. Thank you for the chance to win!


  273. Gillian says:

    My favorite of these great bundles is the TruDat! Gorgeous fabrics.

    And my favorite new blog of the year is feeling stitchy. Cute, contemporary designs… love it. :)

    gillianms at gmail dot com

  274. StephanieS says:

    The Ginger please! Favorite blog added in 2010 (I think, or late 2009) is
    Thanks for the chance to win. Happy Christmas. stephspitzer at gmail dot com

  275. Eva SB says:

    I would love to win the ‘Trudat’!
    And one of my favourite blogs this year has been

  276. nezabudkina says:

    Fabulous giveaway! :) Can you put me in for the ‘Trudat’ pile pretty please? My favourtie blog this year would be Daisy’s Fresh ideas and very nice photos! Plus, plenty of tutorials!

  277. Brittany says:

    the tru dat is really cool. i’ve just added a new blog from a woman who designs for moda fabrics. thanks for sharing

  278. Claire says:

    The Ginger, yes please! And yeah! for being Canadian! I’ve been checking out MADE. Sweet blog.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  279. Nelly says:

    i like the Ginger!!

    thanks! one of my favorite blogs is Make it and Love it!

    nelly dot barney at yahoo dot com

  280. Brittany says:

    the tru dat is really cool. i’ve just added a new blog from a woman who designs for moda fabrics. thanks for sharing this with me.

  281. Anne says:

    I’m with the hordes on this one, the tru dat bundle is amazing! (Well, so are the other two, but you said to pick one! :)

    Thank you so much for a wonderful giveaway!

    I’ve been crafting my whole life but didn’t think to find it out in the blog-o-sphere until this year, so everything’s new! This giveaway has been fantastic because I’ve added so many people to my rss feed! (Including you, I love your writing style. :)

    I love the blog,but that isn’t really helping you find something new, I’m afraid. :)

  282. Stephanie says:

    I would like to put my hand up for the trudat fabric!! NOICE!! Real noice!!

    xo Steph

  283. allysonadeney says:

    The TruDat is my favourite. I love the variety and will probably use the bigger pieces to line the bags I make. Bags have to have fabulous lining!
    My find of the year is this one.
    Beautiful beautiful beautiful!
    Thanks for having a give Away. Very generous. Please be sure to check mine out too.

  284. craftykat says:

    Great fabrics in the Tru Dat Bundle!! Also am a massive fan of True Up but another fun one I found in 2010 is Red Pepper Quilts

  285. Joy says:

    I love True Up…it’s where I learn about fabrics, too. My favorite 2010 blog is

    I would pick TruDat if I win…thanks for the chance!

  286. Crystal says:

    I love the blue and green! :D I wonder if I am related to Ginger at all…I am a hendrix too!

    I am having a giveaway too, so if you have time feel free to stop by!

  287. Denise says:

    On of the news ones I added this year is Darning Diva. Thanks for the giveaway. I love the vintage fabrics and cottons. Some cute prints in there!

  288. Garilyn says:

    I really like the TruDat stack!
    I really like
    blessed.mama4 at

  289. Hilary says:

    Love the True Up bundle!!! Also my new favorite blog is Noodlehead- love it : )

    Thanks for the chance to win- the.ant.hil(at)gmail(dot)com

  290. scrapperdeb says:

    I’d pick the Tru Dat bundle (like just about everyone else!)…but the fleece would be a distant second. Seriously, i’d love to win anything. And my new favorite blog is Kate Spain’s blog…it may be called The Drawing Board…or something like that. She’s a great designer. debgiro at wildblue dot net

  291. Samantha McCarthy says:

    I would love the ginger…I have been using my google reader for the first time two months ago, and I love it…my favorite new blog would be

  292. Catlin says:

    I love the TruDat fabrics! There are some great pieces in there! I love the blog Made – but I’m sure you’ve already seen it! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  293. Lindsay says:

    I like the trudat package.

    I have added film in the fridge to my list of blogs and I love it. i could look at her quilts all day.

    lindsay.forgette at gmail dot com

  294. Sharon T. says:

    Love the Tru Dat bundle. And my favorite blog, besides Sew Mama Sew, is Made By Rae. I’m new to the blogging and sewing worlds so these are new to me. :)

  295. Colleen says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  296. Christy says:

    I like Tru-dat. My favorite blog that I added this year to my reader is It is so colorful.

  297. Ms Muffin says:

    I would love to win the Trudat!
    Looks lovely!!!!
    And thanks for the link to Wiedog tricks … am going and check it out.
    I have added quite a few new blogs to my list. One of the latest was
    I am loving that scarf tutorial so much that I signed up as her follower, too. :-)

    Thanks for this great giveaway!
    Come by my blog and enter mine if you want to! You could win some handmade
    buttons ….
    Ms Muffin
    ulli-xox [at]web[dot]de

  298. Knititall says:

    Lovely concept to name those prizes after your favorite blogs and bloggers :)
    I agree with you, I’ve found so many great blogs through this SewMamaSew blog tour.
    A great one is this one: – it’s really exciting and interesting to read about all the vegan options for crafting.
    I’d prefer the TrueDat prize if I win :)

  299. Jennifer P says:

    I really like the Ginger because of the 60’s fabric! I just adore 30’s to 70’s vintage items so I’ll pick the latest vintage inspired blog that I found this year! Casey’s Elegant Musings is a whole lot of fun for me to read.
    belle31971 at gmail dot com

  300. RobynK says:

    I love browns and greens and linen and have spent lots of time in Op-shops selecting really nice fabrics that were going cheap so I’d have to go for the “Ginger” collection! I’ve only been blogging a year but “Among the Gum Trees” is one of my favourite blog sites.

  301. Megan P. says:

    I’d love to win the TruDat bundle!! Awesome fabrics. I have added so many great blogs to reader this year, one of my favorites is Great blog! Thanks!

  302. meghan says:

    My favorite is the tru dat bundle. I really like Oh Fransson’s blog.

  303. faerieem says:

    OH, I love the vintage pile in the first photo. Definitely.
    I’ll be adding you to my reader as my children arne’t hanging from chandeliers, but they are definitely up in my space.

    My first favorite (and first) crafty blog & therefore the most influential as without it I wouldn’t be sewing now (well, not *NOW*, but in my life at all), is one by friends of mine who made me realize I didn’t ahve to be perfect:

  304. Jen B says:

    Put me down for the TruDat (although I wouldn’t say no to the others either. ;)) One of my favorite blogs from this year is another is With a little boy to sew for these have been a great inspiration!

  305. alli b says:

    Tru Dat is amazing

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  306. ikkinlala says:

    I’d like to enter for “The Ginger” please.

    It’s tougher to answer the other question because I haven’t kept track of when I found most of the blogs I read. One that I think I found in 2010, though, is

  307. I will love the Ginger.
    Well, there is a looong list of blogs on my blog, were I am adding new ones all the time.
    But the ones I found via this giveaway are:

  308. Anne says:

    Oh, true dat indeed… (That’s my fave)

    My favorite new read is Gertie’s New Blog for Better Sewing.

  309. I’ve added TONS of blogs to my list this year…Oh Fransson, In Color Order, Red Pepper Quilts…the list is actually much longer. There are so many inspiring people out there! (I think I’d like the 3rd package, but would also be happy with the 1st.)

  310. Kerry says:

    I’m loving your giveaway piles and as a bonus – three more cool blogs to check out! Thanks! They sound like kindred spirits from your descriptions. And here I thought I was the thrift store queen! What I will do with the fabric will depend on what there is when I sort it out into piles and humm and haw for awhile (assuming of course that I win! lol). Big matchy pieces would be baby quilts for the hospital. Smaller but not too small will become stuffed toys for the Toy Society. Little bits and bobs will find their way into crazy quilt projects I make. Ah, yes, I am a crazy quilter so watch out for me at the thrift store – I’ll fight you for a button, bit of lace, or silk shirt. And dont’ even get me going on bits of jewelry. Heck, I’ll sew almost anything onto a quilt! Well, guess that is more than you wanted to know, eh? Wishing us all an early spring!

  311. Debra says:

    Lovin Trudat. One of my newly added blog loves is Jaybird Quilts. Thanks for the chance.

  312. felicity says:

    TruDat FTW! Thanks for the giveaway but more importantly for your hilarious blog. I’m a now a follower, and bonus! a fellow Canadienne (in Vancouver).

    I *just* joined the 20th century and found the awesome online world of quilt blogs this year so everything was new to me! I’m really enjoying and

  313. Doina says:

    Great giveaway! Please count me in! I like the trudat package.

  314. Kristie Brock says:

    Tru Dat! is my favorite! thanks for this opportunity!!

  315. macskakat says:

    Awesome giveaway! Thanks for the chance to go in the draw. :-)

    I especially like The Ginger pack – the idea of finding some vintage fabric in there fills me with excitement!

    I’ve added about 20 blogs to my reader list from going through the Sew Mama Sew giveaway list so far – I can’t think of which one to pick from that list, they are all so fantastic!! We Sew Crazy is pretty fun to read.

    Thanks again, and have a lovely Christmas! :-)

  316. Lynne says:

    Great fabrics! I’d love any of them but if you make me pick I’d choose the Trudat. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  317. Jennifer says:

    Tru dat is nice and Im new to blogging so they’re all new to me Merry Christmas

  318. Karyli says:

    I’d like the “trudat”. Looks fun.
    One of my favorite blogs is Bloom.
    Merry Christmas!

  319. Skooks says:

    True Dat! But I just wanted to give a shout out to Ginger . . . I love her too! :)

  320. Lisa says:

    I like TrueDat. And Stray Stitches has become one of my fav blogs this year.
    Very generous giveaway, thanks for the chance!

  321. Um, I think the TruDat would have to be the one that I’d pick – it’s got a couple of fabrics that I’m going to be searching for if I don’t win.

    Now, picking a blog? Isn’t that a bit like asking me to choose between my children? Um, um, um, ok, I’ll pick – she always uses fabrics that I wish I had and is a lovely lass.

  322. Marguerite says:

    Marmeecraft! She creates this magical world for herself… love it! And, pack 3 :)

  323. Sherri S says:

    Lordy, the fabrics under the Wiener Dog listing (the kimonos, 60s linens, etc.) make me swoon! I’m late to the party, but I truly adore Meet Me at Mike’s…really, just love love love it! Thanks!

  324. Theresa Connolly says:

    Tru Dat! And my new favorite blog :

  325. Tiffany says:

    I like True Up the best. And one blog that has stayed at the top of my list is Oh Fransson!

  326. Jansie says:

    Tru Dat looks pretty awesome, but they all look pretty generous to me!! This is my first year blogging, so I have found a TON of wonderful new blogs. I love Sew Mama Sew, Moda Bakeshop, Stash Manicure, p.s. I Quilt, and so many more!
    (and one more!) Thanks for the chance to win any of these gorgeous prizes.

  327. Christy says:

    I’m all over Tru Dat. My favorite newly discovered blog is

  328. Melba says:

    Hmmmmmmmm I like all the prizies, specially the Ginger and TruDat, they’re amazing!!!!, would love to win!. I use to read this blog she’s a fantastic girl and she’s really funny!!!!

  329. Melba says:

    where’s my comment?

  330. Kim McM says:

    I would love to win the Tru Dat fabrics. And my favorite blog of all time is Curbly. So much information and inspiration! Thank you for the opportunity to win.

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