New-to-me craft blogs to read

Hi there! If you’re looking to enter the SMS Giveaway, scroll down, peeps!

Whoa! You guys are recommending some great blogs! I’ve added a new-to-me thirty to my reader – I’m definitely going to have some holiday reading. I’m happy to see way more Can-Con out there in the Interwebs and les Canadienses dropping by to say hi. Hallo!

Right now the most popular recommends to me, besides Sew Mama Sew, of course, have been Film in the Fridge and Cluck Cluck Sew. It’s interesting that they great Craft Aggregators like One Pretty Thing, Craft, Craftster, etc aren’t mentioned much. I guess people are really interested in that one-on-one connection you get from reading someone’s personal blog.

I’ve also found some really cool images and ideas over the past 24 hours from all of your recommends:


Seriously? A Charley Harper quilt?! Swoon! Lu and I are reading “Beguiling the Wild” right now. Go Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild!

A blog post debating little girls wearing nail polish here. I haven’t weighed in yet, but I will.

Making your own spray starch? YEAH!

This brilliant yet simple way to display your Christmas cards in a bell jar. Note to self: find bell jar.

And finally, 20 handmade ornaments in 20 days.

I haven’t even entered many giveaways yet, there are still 40 comments from yesterday waiting for me to read… but there’s flora and fauna protocols to be cross-referenced and there’s only one person who can do it.

That, apparently, is me.

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