The Geometry of Circles, or, Recovering From A Head Infection.


Was there ever a time where we were told in grammar class that a word starting with ‘H’ could define the article preceding it?

Am I crazy for wanting to change ‘A’ to ‘An’ in the title above?

Isn’t it odd that I still cannot think of grammar rules in English, only in French? Par example, “Les verbes conjuge avec le verbe avoir s’accorde avec le participe passe qui precede le verbe”. Excuse my lack of accents, I wouldn’t know where to put them anymore. Je m’excuse, Mlle. VanderClef.

Let’s blame the head infection, shall we?


Something else odd from my childhood. I have an uncanny memory for bits of songs both from TV and radio. Pizza Nova and Printing House radio commercials, 70’s TV theme songs. And lots of Sesame Street.

Randomly, songs will pop into my head and not leave. One of the worse is this: , specifically at 1:16. The series of four animations are called, “The Geometry of Circles”, and the music was composed by Philip Glass. Depending on how old you were when you watched it, it either fascinated you (that would be me) or freaked you right out. For most of this week, this song and accompanying animation has been playing over and over.

Again, I blame the head infection.


While waiting for the meds to kick in, I’ve decided to do something about this incessant song, and make something… out of this animation and song. Probably a wall quilt with some sort of sound thing to it. I’ve started collecting ideas and throwing them on a Pinterest board. Are you on Pinterest yet? OMG’d! Do it! So fun! I have a few invites left so hit me up in the comments if you want a hook up.


This is less of a post and more of a public reminder to myself that while my head cavities were full of pus and my mucous membranes were inflamed and my vision/depth perception slightly impaired by increased pressure around my orbital cavity, I had an interesting idea. Noted.


UPDATED: Apparently Richard Metzger (squee!) also has the same head infection that I have.
Some other dude talking about how awesome Geometry of Circles is.

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