Vinspiration – The Canadian Section

James! Is that...a...Canadian? Whadda square!

I hope I don’t sound too much like my father when I say, wow, it’s hard to find good quality things in Canada.

Now, my Dad is speaking about finding anything not imported from anywhere. And I don’t try to explain global economics to him because I don’t understand them much myself and I’m not trying to live a 100 mile lifestyle.

However, I do really like shopping locally. We get our coffee from Johnny and Sarah, our meat and eggs from the Stocking family farm, cheese from Marc. I thrift at Catherine’s stores, chat and scrounge with the totally nutty folks at World Headquarters, and catch up on fabric and gossip with the girls at the Workroom. As misanthropic as I may be at times, I like buying from people I like.

I also find it amazing how much you can find in a brick & mortar shop these days. When I first starting shopping online, many moons ago, it was to get that hard-to-find widget that was only available in the UK or US. Now, I can shop most major US retailers online, and often get free shipping. Not that I would. Although those GAP Intarsia bear bum tights are so cute for my niece. But I digress.

I’ve discovered that between Studio Brillantine on Queen West (West) and The Outer Layer on Queen West, and Lee Valley on King Street West I can find many of the items available on US sites like Fred Flare, Thinkgeek, Archie McPhee, Uncommon Goods, etc. Now, if they’d just consider swapping one of the Zellers they’re turning in Tar-jays for a Muji Canada, then I’d be a happy camp.

rant Seriously? Zellers into Target? Sure, it might work if they gut the store and just move a Target into it, but that’s probably not going to happen. It’ll be a cosmetic face-lift and many of the lines of exclusive designer stuff won’t be there. Mark my words, people. Zellers jumped the shark when they closed down their last in-store restaurant.
/end rant

The long and short of this is that a part of my blog will be focusing on the craft shops and supplies available in Canada. I believe this will be awesome for all of my readers, because you’ll get another honest viewpoint about great stuff out there that might be in your neighbourhood as well. Also, it might encourage you too to be mindful about where you shop, and choose to shop to support your ‘hood and the peeps who live around you. Yo.

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3 Responses to Vinspiration – The Canadian Section

  1. jsquirrel says:

    well said, Cowgirl, well said!

  2. felicity says:

    Woo! Canada! Represent!

    I worked at Zellers in the olden days when they still had the restaurant. Good times, except in the Toy Department at Christmas. *shudder*

    I’m looking forward to your post. I’m sure there’s lots more available within Vancouver than I’m giving it credit for (I found those bacon bandaids locally last week – yay!).

    And Lee Valley is awesome for its often-hilarious product descriptions in the catalogue. Love.

    • Michelle says:

      Felicity, the Lee Valley catalogue is the only mail order I subscribe to! It is definitely a fun read and I plan on reviewing several of my favorite tools from their store – and perhaps have a giveaway or two… Sssh!

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