WIPs – Embroidery and the Frosted Pumpkin Hoop Bag(s)

Between the Crazy Hearing At Work and the Craziness That is Mini Maker Faire Toronto, I haven’t had much opportunity to craft. And by craft I mean sit down at the sewing machine and sew for longer than 15 minutes at a time. And most of my WIPs need to be machine stitched so I’ve picked up some of my embroidery projects that I dropped-like-they-were-hott once I found the Zen of Hexagons last year.

At about the same time, Karyn blogged about a new pattern for a hoop bag and I just had to have it. And the mug rug pattern too. The pattern is super-quick to put together, and is more practice for me for zipper installation. I think I need to install about 50 more and then I’ll be able to do without referring to the instructions.

I actually haven’t made one yet that is directly from the pattern. I have a bunch of completed embroidery designs that I wasn’t sure what to do with, so using them as the front of the bag was the perfect answer.

My first I flipped 90 degrees and used my Atom-splitting mommies piece as the front of the bag.

Right now it’s carrying my “Cooking for Two” embroidery WIP, which I’m *this close* to completing.

Then, I saw this awesome post on Boing Boing about giant viruses, specifically the Mimivirus. Yeah. I had to cross-stitch it. And I need a bag to carry it.

This bag is made from some awesome stripes Tina got me in America, some upcycled denim bamboo fabric (I love the pin-tucks!), and the front piece is an embroidery design from the Charley Harper Colouring Book.

Finally, I’ve had a Big Project bouncing around in my head for the last year and it’s finally starting to turn into physical projects. So…you know…another bag to hold that

I didn’t even realize when I bought this Lecien fabric that it had my initials in it – so I made sure I got them on the front and back. I also oversized this bag to fit my Q-snap frame that I’m using for the Big Project.

Phew! I do have a few more embroidery WIPs that I’d like to make their own bags for…eventually.

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