Mini Maker Faire Toronto – Fabric flower pins and circle scarves

Man, how do people find time to blog about crafting, let alone find time to do the crafting? Or editing photos of said crafting? This week’s pics will all be taken late at night, so bear with the lousy lighting please.

I’ve been making up a storm over the past few weeks, plus helping a bunch of amazing people make a Maker Faire. This is harder work than you would think, as we’re a “mini” Faire, which means the core group that putting it together is doing out of their own time, and out of their own pockets. Having never organized anything as huge as this, we’re all flying by the seats of our collective pants and we’re learning a lot.

I’m the “craft liaison”, which I think means I’m crafty. And I know where to find craftyness. So, I’m good there. I’m also teaching some workshops at the Faire this weekend. One is called “No-Sew Sewing”, which is helpful as I don’t have 20 sewing machines to teach people how to sew, and there are a few other people who would do a much better job than myself. But teaching no-sew sewing? Yeah, that’s more my speed. Teaching clinical anatomy is one thing, teaching people how to be crafty will be interesting!

I spent this weekend gathering supplies – 48 donated t-shirts, 5 bottles of fabric glue, jar of safety pins, pattern templates, t-shirt scraps… and creating finished products to show off. Participants will be making either a circle scarf or a book bag, plus flower pins. Handy for yourself, or as a nifty handmade gift for the mom in your life.

See you there!

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