We came, we saw, we Made.


Wow. I cannot believe that I was a part of something this huge, this awesome. It’s done now and I have that anticlimactic feeling that an old friend of mine described after she finished touring with an opera company. Everything was amazing and exhausting and exhilarating over this past weekend. Now, I’m back to the boring old jorb.

Two 2 hours workshops that I was teaching over the weekend turned into about a day and a half worth of kids, punk dads slinging their wee babies, women and men getting wide-eyed and excited when they saw that they could sit down for a few minutes and craft something simple. Based on my rough estimation Adam, Tina, Karen and I helped visitors make about 75 fabric flowers, 36 circle scarves and 24 book bags. Even more brilliant, my leftover t-shirt scraps all went to the super-nice family at KOZO Studios, for them to pulp and make into paper. PAPER!

There are pictures, movies, and more memories to come.

Above: Circle scarf, flower pin and book bag made by yours truly, snowflake photograph by Kinsmen Physics, my new favorite necklace by Colleen at Clockwork Zero, my new favorite button, “I love breakfast” by Granolavic.


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One Response to We came, we saw, we Made.

  1. --ginger. says:

    Dangit this sounds fun.

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