Annnnddddd… we’re back.

What’s been going on? Not much in the blog world, but lots on the Big Blue Marble… let’s recap going backwards in time…

May 31st: My birthday – the big 3-9. Historically for me, the year before the decade-changing birthday is always the worse one. So we’re not going to dwell on it, m’kay? They say that 40 is the the new 30/black so I’m holding out for next year.

May 30th: First day riding my bike to work. I get a flat.

Carolanne & Christina

May 28th: I’m taking a class at the Workroom – Intro to Hand Quilting! Four weeks of not sitting in front of a sewing machine is just my style. We’re making a sawtooth star pillow. It’s a serious amount of fun, and I love our teacher Carolanne (on the left) but the class is surprisingly challenging for me as a half-ass crafter. Carolanne very sweetly says that I’m “overly enthusiastic”. I really have to measure twice, and then twice more before cutting. I’ve been entranced with the combination of yellow and gray, so here’s what I got so far:

Quilt block

Yes. I am aware that this isn’t a sawtooth star block. I am told that it’s a jewel box block. But I like the way it looked, so I’m going with it.

May 26th: Ohmygawd the hearing-that-shall-not-be-named is finally over. Everybody get down on your knees and pray that there’s no appeal.

May 25th: My stepdad has a heart attack! He’s okay! He’s an ox, so you know he kinda just shook it off. I think it’s official that after three aneurysms and a heart attack and still going strong at 72 means you’re some kind of superhero.

May 20th: We’re joining a CSA with Andy, Mere and Penny! Here’s the family farm we’re buying into. We’ve been getting fresh eggs delivered to our door over the winter which is beyond awesome, as well as tasty. I’m looking forward to weekly fruit and veg surprises plus actually getting up to visit the farm itself.

Baby kale...or possibly baby romaine.

May 15th: The first seed-babies planted on our terrace! I think these are kale. Or possibly romaine. Definitely not carrots, which are just above them.

May 13th: Adam and NiLu write and record me a song for Mother’s Day. Yes, it’s even cuter than Lu’s first single, “Ten!”.

May 9th: PINTEREST FOR IPHONE RELEASE. Like I couldn’t heart Pinterest anymore than I already do, they go and make it portable. Come follow my pinning exploits!

May 1st (or thereabouts): Ginger sends me zippers! And lookit what she made with it! Okay, not nearly as interesting to you but I love swaps that require me to do very little. Like putting stamps on an envelope and yer done.. I can do it! Did you know that Ginger also has an album (Shut up! I KNOW!) She sent us a copy – it’s been added to the car bag for road trips. She also has a monkey named Lucy who is three, which apparently means we’re sewing mamas separated at birth.

via WDT

I sent her one of my prototype pincushions/pattern weights – without stuffing to save on space – and she loved it – youpi! Who else wants to trade? I’ve got a big bag of bright green wool roving that I don’t know what to do with…

That’s all I can remember. Needless to say, it’s been a busy month. I’ve been sewing through the stash: a new robe for myself, Lu’s dress turned into a Ni skirt, a comfy dress made without a pattern thankyouverymuch, more napkins, tiny waffle-wipes for cleaning my face.

On my sewing to-do list this month: finish hemming some Miu-Miu pants I scored at Mrs. H’s, finish the orange chiffon shirt, make presents for a certain sister’s birthday, make a Built By Wendy dress using the new sewable tracing paper I picked up at the Workroom on my birthday (it’s Swedish!), work on another couch cover inspired by Ginger’s couch, this couch and this tutorial, and finally, finally make my Ruby Star Rising floor rug for the living room.

*Picture of Carolanne is via The Workroom’s Flickr feed, and the two pictures of Ginger’s projects are from Wiener Dog Tricks. For some reason my photo credit links aren’t working.


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4 Responses to Annnnddddd… we’re back.

  1. jsquirrel says:

    aaaaaaannddddd…I’m exhausted after reading about your month…

  2. wendy says:

    Whew! that does sound exhausting!
    I love your yellow-and-grey block… such a great combination.
    And welcome to 3-9… (the 40s aren’t so bad, really)

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