Japan’s crafts are greener, cuter and more eco-friendly than yours.

2 PET bottles = candy dispenser

Yeah, I’m talking about Japan. You know her. Look at what she made. That’s a piggie candy dispenser made out of PET bottles. Reusing the ribbons from that store-bought gift you got her for her birthday. Oh yeah, and she crocheted the trim around the edges with upcycled t-shirt yarn from her husband’s old t-shirts that she made him by hand last season. Did I mention she also invented t-shirt yarn in her spare time?

She says that she put the trim on to protect the kids’ hands from the sharp edges of the cut bottles. But I say, why are you feeding my kids all that sugar?

corn+beans+safety pins = coasters

Cup saucers made out of safety pins and beans and corn. Yeah, that what I thought too… I can barely get my kids to eat beans, let alone make things out of them.

1 PET bottle=fishbowl and plant pot

A goldfish bowl and a plant starter out of a 2L PET bottle. Now I really have no excuse as to why the kids can’t get a pet. The best I can do to reuse a 2L PET bottle is this.

PET bottle+weaving=plant basket

Seriously? A woven PET bottle planter? Where does Japan find the time to make up these ideas, let alone execute them?

milk carton=pincushion and sewing storage

And not to be outdone with now slowly waning pincushion trend (Ha Japan! Not keeping up with the Etsy Trend Reports?) here’s her take – and just to rub in the brilliance of making a pincushion of a milk carton, she goes ahead and makes a drawer within and then upholsters it. Just cuz. You know, nothing else to do.

Toilet paper rolls=tiered art supplies stand
Only Japan can make toilet paper rolls useful and classy.

I love Japan.


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