Softies Kill! (With cuteness.)

After I made Sugah her Moxie Darwin as a baptismal gift, I swore off softies. They are so fiddly to make! The tiny embroidery for the faces! I must have stitched the limbs to the body at least two or three times before I got it right! I am NOT going to make another fussy project like that!

And then I found the book, “Dolls of Life”.


I know. Look at her, all daydream-y…


The button nose?
The flower buttons as pupils?!


Sweet and a little sassy Miya, how could I resist her, or that sweet outfit?


And this toughie? Stop. It.

I know, I know. I said I’d never make another. Yet again, the Japanese Craft Industry kills me with cuteness.


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One Response to Softies Kill! (With cuteness.)

  1. karen says:

    caaayyyyuutttte. i love miya more than a friend.

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